PSU: Lair and Heavenly Sword arrive in May have picked up on the recent reports of the official Playstation website listing Lair and Heavenly Sword as releasing in May. They further state that this site was launched on March 23rd to conincide with the European launch, further validating that this information is current. "May was looking rather dry with only a few worthwhile PlayStation 3 titles coming out. Spider-Man 3 and MLB '07: The Show were the only big titles due for release.

However, things are looking up..."

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techie4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

Just thought you'd like to know... The current number of enemies is around 2200 in a battle (HS that is)...could go up

Longhornbevo4279d ago

Heavenly Sword looks really good, fighting on water and in the clouds and Multiple combat stances. Lair has dragons(and looks incredible)...enough said.

Says you4279d ago

Heavenly Sword is going to be the best Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon game ever.

techie4279d ago (Edited 4279d ago )

except less floaty and more badass.

Really not sure about this release date for was originally said to be March 6...but that got pushed back, so this could easily get pushed back.

I thought they only entered Alpha last month (March) how long does all the polishing and testing take?

Rockstar4279d ago

Both of these games are looking very tasty!

Bonsai12144279d ago

both these games look amazing... though i'll probably pick up heavenly sword first

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The story is too old to be commented.