The Difference Between Consoles And PC's

Koku Gamer writes: "For the longest time there has been a distinct difference between PC games and console games. The thought of the 2 merging together was blasphemy to some and ludicrous to others. As time passed however, the gap between the two has merged closer together with each passing console generation."

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Fullish3368d ago

The difference is piracy is killing the PC.

Ziriux3368d ago

Aint that the truth sister. Thank god for services like Steam.

BulletToothtony3368d ago

and no offense to pc gamers but if you have a "decent rig" with a nice 23" monitor it's a very nice way to play...

But i have (not trying to be coky here) a 52" 1080p clear panel lcd with 7.1 truehd surround sound, and to now i rather do my gaming on my tv.. If i was to spend $1,500 on a killer rig, i'd rather invest on a ps3 and at least a 46" 1080p and cheap surround and spend $2,000 than have a pc.. the reason being that there is so much more use for a nice tv than just games..

people over to watch the game.. feel good to bring a girl over cause you don't have a 23" tube tv..

Imo it has to do with the age.. when you're 18-21 its very hard to achieve a nice theater set up.. a rig seems way more within reach.. but with prices in tvs dropping so much and technology of pcs changing so fast.. it's worth it to do some serious shopping b4 spending you cash.

el_bandito3368d ago

Console - Devs usually create the best games to max out the potential of the console.
PC - Users usually assemble the best pcs to max out the potential of the best games.

Persistantthug3368d ago

For consoles, developers bring the games to us, vs. us having to go to the games.

Interesting take/spin on that.

solar3368d ago

blah, too easy. ill pretend id didnt see this news story.

AntoineDcoolette3368d ago

Unless its Blizzard, El_Bandito >_>

Ziriux3368d ago

Yea good point bendito, they do their best to max out their game on the PC, I just wish when a game is ported the developer would try to work the console to it's fullest as well.

Sarcasm3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

I'll stick to gaming on consoles. I used to be a huge PC gamer, but gaming on a 46" samsung 1080p TV and a 7.1 surround sound for the past 3 years or so, I'm never going back until Starcraft II comes out.

IdleLeeSiuLung3368d ago

Also a console doesn't require expensive upgrades every year or so. Besides to me gaming on the console is more relaxing. It is something about sitting upright in front of a monitor....

free2game3653368d ago

You do realize that piracy on consoles have made it impossible to actually market games in China and South America? At least with PC games people don't make money off of pirated copies.

Final_Rpg3368d ago

I am strictly a console gamer. However, can you not hook your PC up to your TV? I mean... saying that consoles are better because you can use it on your 46 inch tv is not really an argument. Seeing as well, you can do that with a lot of PCs nowadays anyway.

evrfighter3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

ya I do it all the time when my brothers come over on my 40" lcd. I have a 360 pc receiver so they just bring over their controllers and we get some nba2k9 goin before the game starts. Except on my end I'm rockin 8xAA and my fps never dips below 75 @ 1080p. I bought 2k9 for one of them on the 360 but he never misses the chance to come over and get the real eye candy. I get the best of both worlds.

Nihilism3368d ago

the main difference is that pc's have decent graphics, whereas even killzone 2's native resolution of 1280*768 ( that's right fan boys no such thing as 1080p ps3 games...) which is a resolution i was playing pc games at 10 years ago, enjoy your low res textures and state of the art direct x9 graphics...did i say state of the art, i meant 5 years old...sorry

Kakkoii3368d ago


-_-, I really hate ignorant people like you.

PC gaming doesn't "Require expensive upgrades" every year or so. It requires it just as much as your console requires upgrades.

A PC gamer only upgrades if they want to experience even better graphics than they currently do. Just like when you buy the next generation of a console. Except with PC gaming, we have the choice of just how much power we want, not restricted to what the console design is.

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Cinotix3368d ago

Yea, probably the easiest biggest difference and one reason why the PC market will fail to profit and all together just give up on PC's as developers they'll see that the profits may decrease.

evrfighter3368d ago

I take it you've never heard of Valve or Blizzard...But then again they are the exception to the rule.

3368d ago
free2game3653368d ago

PC game developers are generally smaller actually and more profitable because of it. You look at companies like EA who put all of these focuses on big console games and where it got them was more money coming into the company, but no actually profits being made, because it's generally much more expensive to develop console games. Get your facts straight. Take for example Lost Planet, that game lost money because it cost 30+ million to develop, even though it sold 1.5 million copies it was still a loss for the company.

wwm0nkey3368d ago

I have both so will continue to play on both

tdrules3368d ago

good things to say about both really, never been a better time to own a console and a gaming pc, you get everything.

-anti-aliasing (smoothes lines, very noticable)
-bigger resolutions (1600p is easily done)
-straight to hdd games (via steam, direct2drive)
-customization of hardware/software, lots of mods
-"backwards compatability", the past twenty years of pc gaming haha.

-imo a greater community
-simplicity, which is a good thing sometimes
-greater support currently from developers
-no worries about drivers and such, the game WILL work no matter
- little risk of piracy

if you click disagree, please comment why, thanks

Ziriux3368d ago

Piracy is a huge problem and a disadventage to the developer when it comes to profiting.

tdrules3368d ago

yes it certainly is.
luckily steam seems to be helping to slow that down, and the increased use of the multiplayer component i think does put some pirates off

Ziriux3368d ago

Indeed my friend indeed. Bubbles added for a great comment. :)

free2game3653368d ago

Not really, with PC games you have people pirating games for free. With consoles, you have people undercutting your markets with used resales that you as a developer or publisher make nothing off of, then on top of it, you have people selling cheap bootleg copies of games, which as I pointed out before has made it impossible to market game consoles in a lot of parts of the world, because of those markets being flooded with pirated/bootleg games.

Kakkoii3368d ago

Drivers aren't ever a problem. And pretty much every game will install any software it needs to run. The only "drivers" problem you could be speaking of, is graphics drivers. And if you don't have those installed, then it's going to be every game not working well for you lol.

Community is hardly "greater" for consoles. Perhaps larger numbers across spectrum, but it's not usually as tight knit as PC communities are. Which partially goes in hand with customizeability of a game.

Xbox 360 piracy is almost as easy as on the PC. (PS3 made it into the clear though because of the high cost for Blue-ray burners+media.)

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