Screenshots of PS3 RPG Trinity Universe

Screenshots of Trinity Universe.

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Myst3402d ago

*stares at the screen shots then looks to my wallet*

I must have this game. Loving Cross-Edge, but this just looks awesome as well, I'd say that they should keep up these Crossover RPGs for a little while as long as they have a good story with them. I wouldn't mind cross-over's with other companies as well.

Vicophine3402d ago

If it has Etna in it, I'm buying!

Sarick3402d ago

Looks like a game I'd want. Diasaga isn't my type but this seems to be.

Oh, yea Cross edge is in the mail. *SOON*

Starting to look forward to PS3's RPG line ups. WOOT!

Bordel_19003402d ago

This looks nice. Looking forward to seeing more.

callahan093402d ago

Graphics are looking good. Nice and colorful.

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