Spawn Kill Review: Sacred 2

Tigresa of Spawn Kill writes:

"What you would normally expect to only grace your PCs with a gentle keyboard stroke wielding you nothing short of a massive fireball, has now washed up ashore to our home consoles with Sacred 2's recent release on both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. It is rather infrequent that a developer dares to strip this style game from it's PC roots and set foot on a console, though Ascaron Entertainment took on that challenge. I was nothing less than pleased to have a go at Sacred 2. Those who will never own a "super computer" to really get to enjoy these types of games, this is your time to shine. A solid, well-put together experience has been constructed just for that type of gamer for a change."

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Most expansive world you have seen? That's a boast.