Mass Effect 2 OXM Scans

Feast yourself with the Mass Effect 2 scans from The Official Xbox Magazine. Thanks to moola44.

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TheColbertinator3404d ago

Damn I wish someone would post them on photobucket

ikaris3404d ago

just download um. its legit, and its worth it. me2 looks ill.

Boldy3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

Here ya go:

Although for some reason, scan #7 is too small. I'll try to fix it.

Edit: OK so for scan 7 it wasn't workin for me so I just took a couple of screen caps from the text and pictures so that you can actually read the words:

MicroSony4Life3404d ago


ZOMG...I just creamed my pants.

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RememberThe3573404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

I suppose Why dis needs a PS3 counterpart. But please, SHUT THE HELL UP.

Mass Effect is one of the best RPGs this generation. Even with its large number of graphical issues, it still is one of the most engrossing game out.

SL1M DADDY3404d ago

I am looking forward to this title as it will certainly be yet another great RPG for the current gen gamers. It's nice to see somebody still finds ways to make a great RPG, unlike SE and some of the other devs that have dropped the ball this gen.

PrimordialSoupBase3403d ago

(Because my comment was deleted for a baseless reason)

This is a poorly written cover story, I'm glad I don't have to pay for it.

cherrypie3403d ago

@1.4 boldy; thanks.

This is going to be a *massive* hit. I played through ME again when the Mass Effect 2 info started to sneak out.

I liked it even more the second time, the depth of charcter, game world and story were wonderful. The combat is so terrific, it has strategy like X-Com and the character's abilities are varied and deep.

Utterly terrific title.

Mass Effect 2 is going ot be a massive hit. Just massive.

Shepherd 2143403d ago

i think i just went all in my pants.

Ldubbz3403d ago

Big ups for posting that my good man....amazing. Simply amazing. Those pics looked....Im at a loss honestly.

Can we finally put to rest all the garbage talk about the UE3 engine maybe? Regardless of what the haters of UE will say (simple; to fanboys, UE=Gears), you cant deny those drool-worthy pics.

GOTY contender for sure.

The Lazy One3403d ago

I can't read the tiny print :(

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TheColbertinator3404d ago

The Geth are lame.The Reapers are the real challenge

iDystopia3404d ago

Kill 'em all as long as Shepard and the Human race lives on! =P

RememberThe3573404d ago

I want to kill the geth so bad I can taste it! This game is going to be in my 360 for a long time.

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Sanzee3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

OMGWTFBBQ X 700,000,000.86

Sanzee3404d ago


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