PS3 Death Equals inFAMOUS Giveaway

"One of the staff members from had their PS3 bricked on them yesterday as he was trying to play inFAMOUS due to the "Yellow Light of Death". To make things even worse, the game he had just bought was stuck in the console.

This is bad news for him, but good news for you."

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Nambassa3342d ago

hahahaha i loled at this story. unlucky for him infamous was in the ps3!! LMAO

Mu5afir3342d ago

What a joke of a post.. N4G really needs some type or report feature for people approving stories. Or a way to lower their approve level etc.. because this is becoming a joke.

menoyou3342d ago

yup N4G is a joke site for spam thats all it is now

anh_duong3342d ago

articles like these give N4G an even worst credibility.. so much for the spam filter

Montrealien3342d ago

You know, if you guys would just ignore the "NOT NEWS" this kind of stuff would just get buried. And if you would actually comment on the real news, it would not. So on N4G complaining about this kind of crap is actually not helping, ignoring is the way to go.

This kind of trash is what most N4G users want, so don't hate the game, hate the players.

*looks at the "enthusiasts" b*tching below*


anh_duong3341d ago

this was already in the normal news before many had even commented on it i.e. escaped the spam filter.

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GamerPS3603342d ago

My PS3 news should make headline on


I farted yesterday playing Infamous on PS3. :D

redsquad3342d ago

PS3 still going: REDSQUAD keeps his copy of INFAMOUS!

Magna Farta3342d ago

I had that happen to me last year

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The story is too old to be commented.