Gamer on Duty Episode #8: Heavy Rain Possibly Delayed Til 2010

-The Gamer Access Giveaway Winner Announced
-inFAMOUS Super Power Code Giveaway and Fight Night Round 4 Demo Giveaway. Answer the questions, win the codes. It's that easy.
-RPG Love on The PS3 - Cross Edge Released
-LittleBigPlanet - The Patch
-Kojima Announcement
-Terminator Salvation Impressions
-Home Space, Cole Costume from inFAMOUS
-Heavy Rain Delayed Til 2010?
-The Watchmen DVD/Blu-ray to include Full Game

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UNCyrus3371d ago

is the man... keep fighting the good fight!

BrothaDave3371d ago

Thanks man, more to come. We are gonna do giveaways every week if we can.

Nick2120043371d ago

This is a great show. I also feel it is a good idea to delay Heavy Rain to 2010.