PS3 iTrophies - Your Ultimate PS3/iPhone Trophy App

iTrophies is a handy app that syncs your own PlayStation Trophy data to your iPhone and not only allows you to see which trophies you have earned but which ones you still have to get. One thing pretty unique with iTrophies that seems to set it apart from the crowd is that fact that is actually supports live syncing, so no longer will you have to manually select each trophy that you have earned.

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clinker3341d ago

Interesing article and a cool app.

butterfinger3341d ago

app. I just wish it was free instead of $1.99. :)

Christopher3341d ago

I'd get it if it was free just as a 'whatever' app. But I see absolutely no need to pay for an app that really isn't useful except for when I'm sitting down to play my PS3... which has all my trophy data already.

Mindboggle3341d ago

The main use of the app is to allow people to lookup which trophies they need and then it gives you videos on how to complete the trophy...Pretty cool really...

Hulligan853341d ago

Apps dont make themselfs. It took time and effort for Br0ken ( ) to make this app and his time and effort deserves some reward in my opinion.

If i had an iphone i'd buy this app in an instant, $1.99 is nothing.

Christopher3340d ago

Effort doesn't automatically equal money. I can spend a lot of time on a fluff application, doesn't mean I deserve to get paid for it. If the application was useful, I'd get it, but it's really just a lot of fluff and something I can already look up on multiple Web sites as well as my PS3. I don't need a portable way to view my trophies or to look up how to get them.

I've gotten more than a handful of free apps on my iPhone that have a lot more use when I'm out and about than this. A lot of effort went into these apps as well.

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