The Untold Story Of The Xbox 360 Avatars

When it launched in 2005, the Xbox 360 was, certain issues aside, a successful product. But it was also drab. Lifeless. Until, in 2008, along came the avatars.

First officially unveiled at E3 2008, Microsoft's Avatars were seen by many as an attempt to cash in on Nintendo's success with their "Mii" characters, caricatures that had become wildly popular as the individualized mascots of Nintendo's new Wii system.

Included as part of a wider upgrade to the Xbox 360's user interface, dubbed the "New Xbox Experience" (or "NXE"), the Avatars were designed by the team at Rare to be part-dress-up doll, part-online identity, and, rather than being simple Mii clones, were the product of years of hard work at both Rare and Microsoft.

This is their story.

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GiantEnemyCrab3337d ago

Wow.. It's like a story of fail..

"We labored long and hard on the look of the avatars from the outset", says Musgrave. "Our main goal was to create a style that did not alienate ANYBODY . . . this was about bringing people TO Xbox, not turning them off, and we deliberately went about creating something that was intrinsically human, but customizable to a point where people could express their personality within the system"."

Riiigght.. That's why every avatar looks the bloody same. You can express your personality within the system.. So are you a blue, red, orange or pink person?

Avatars are a fail on so many levels it is a shame that I can't opt-out of them completely. No I have to stare at the stupid doll that doesn't represent me in the slightest.

IdleLeeSiuLung3337d ago

I don't know, I kind of like them. At least they are not as boring looking as the Miis. There is more articulation, but they don't look too real i.e. they don't cross the line of being cartoony and become weird looking.

Xi3337d ago

They put a limit on the weight you can have on your avatar so that you don't get ridiculed online.

Antan3337d ago

"I have to stare at the stupid doll that doesn't represent me in the slightest."

Probably quite hard replicating a Giant Enemy Crab though mate!