G4TV: E3 2009 Predictions: (E)3 Thoughts – Jake Gaskill, Feed Writer

G4TV writes: "By now you may have heard about a little event called the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or by its street name "E3." In the days leading up to this catastrophic conflux of lights, sounds and adult beverages, we here at are taking turns with an annual tradition as reliable as salmon spawning and Cubs playoff collapses: wild speculation! We'll be keeping track of what we get right for bragging purposes, and when we're wrong we'll be pointing over there because HEY WHAT'S THAT?!?! We're calling this feature (E)3 Thoughts, because without limits, we could hypothesize all day long."

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kunit22c3339d ago

Was it just me or did this seem a little biased for PS3?