Gamervision's E3 2009 Microsoft Predictions

Gamervision writes: "We here at Gamervision will be polishing our crystal balls, shaking the hell out of our Magic 8-Balls, and contacting the spirits of the damned in order to predict just how we think E3 will go down for the Big Three."

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Nambassa3366d ago

i wonder if final fantasy versus will get announced for xbox 360. that would be HILARIOUS!! lol but yea, microsoft are bound to have a few new games up their sleaves, as barely anything has been heard from them in the past few months.

chisox1003366d ago

lol FF13 Versus going to your dreams fan boys. SE is not about to do that after how well the Xbox gamers embraced the Last Remanant and Star Ocean.

Nambassa3365d ago

i'm not a fanboy of xbox 360. I HATE xbox. i was just saying that it would be funny if it did! All ps3 fanboys would be so p1ssed