Fight Night Round 4 Confirmed at 60FPS

Onto the frame rate analysis then and the result is somewhat reassuring, although it's the probably the most boring graph we've ever produced. Gameplay is locked at 60FPS with not a single dropped frame, while cut-scenes - with more characters and dynamic lighting - is similarly locked at 30FPS. Any deviation you might see is simply from the running average on the graph as the clip transitions from 30FPS cinematic to 60FPS in-game action.

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WildArmed3368d ago

its good to know ppl can still pull it off
Been awhile since i've played a 60fps console game

WildArmed3368d ago

im sorry but did i 4got 2 say AWHILE..
oh wait.. i didnt.

Gamer_Politics3368d ago

cant wait to get my hands on the demo

shysun3368d ago

Damn got to make another(which system to buy it for) decision. :(

WildArmed3368d ago

Imma pick it up 4 my 360 maybe. Just got it repaired.

My ps3 is having a graphics issue so I'mma let it pass :/

Is there a wii option? :/