Next Bethesda Game To Be Announced Tommorow On Gametrailers TV

Geoff Keighley has revealed on Twitter that the next Bethesda game will be revealed tomorrow on Gametrailers TV with a trailer, and will then go on to make another appearance at E3 next week.

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Smacktard3404d ago

Wonder if it's that Wii game.

More importantly, wonder if it's any good.

qface643404d ago

i was thinking the same thing

PS360WII3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

Would be nice but doubtful :(

Probably a new Elder Scrolls but I would like to hear more about New Vegas!

josh143993404d ago

cool hopefully a new elder scrolls

Pennywise3404d ago

The new game is called Freeze Frame. It presents itself as a game you would want to play, but the catch is... it freezes your system every 5 minutes. DLC confirmed for Xbox/Pc only.

TheHater3404d ago

I was just about to say almost the samething as you. We can expect Bethesda to screw PS3 owners over again.

kaveti66163404d ago

Sounds like the SDF is out of synchronization. How is Bethesda screwing PS3 owners when it is going to release the DLC on PS3 as well? And with less bugs, no doubt.

Pennywise3403d ago

Kave, see your way to the open zone.

kaveti66163403d ago

Seeing as how you make exaggerations of glitches on one of the best games of the year, maybe you should make your way to the open zone. All I know is that from every comment of yours I have ever read, I conclude you are a Sony fanboy. Do you deny it?

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Kinetix3404d ago

Well I hope it does come out for the ps3. Say what you will but their games are almost always oon point. (Gameplay wise)