X-Rumors - Kojima Working On Metal Gear Remake

Weapon X of The Bitag writes, "The signs are all there. The image of Big Boss was the true key to this puzzle. Kojima is using the MGS4 engine to retell MG1 and 2. I talked with my Metal Gear expert today and he immediately figured it out after the Big Boss picture was dropped. As always, take this with a grain of salt but know this, if it comes true, you heard it here first. Here's what he had to say:"

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fat-american3255d ago

Hope it 360 exclusive or multiplat

Multiplat most likely. Since it shows 360 on the teaser site

Hellsvacancy3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

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fat-american3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

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Theres nothing wrong with being fat.

scietist say fat peopel are better than skinny

tordavis3255d ago

We are. We don't run around calling people skinny.

Hellsvacancy3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

Just like an ugly person invented the phrase "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

Besides i didnt say anythin about your weight - like i really care - i just called u a dumbass (which u r) and a retard (again - which u r) and youve just proven me right

"Thank u cum again"

DrWan3255d ago

Granted it was a mean joke, kids at home listening in. Scientist does not say fat is better than skinny. We recommend a BMI of 20 to 25.. Please stop spreading FUD, some kids may think this is true...Peace

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pwnsause3255d ago

"they can only be going back to the beginning. They are going to tell the story of when Snake first gets recruited into Foxhound. That’s GOT to be it because Big Boss is at the right age for that time frame. We are gonna finally gonna get to see Grey Fox in it’s element!"

No. Big Boss was older (MGS4 Older) than that when Snake Got Recruited into Foxhound. Sorry, but you got it wrong bro.

Mainman3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

Koji can always retcon stuff.

If it really was MG1 and MG2 remake, then Big Boss would have Foxhound logo on his beret (for MG1 at least).

I guess it is possible he would wear the "Militaires sans frontiers", but why wont he wear the Outer Heaven (not Haven) logo then? However, if you translate it, it says: Militaries without borders. This line is definately within the Philosophy of Outer Heaven though. It might be a parralel to Outer Heaven.

Its possible that it is an MG1 and 2 remake, and the Big Boss picture originating from MG2, but I am not convinced though. Becuase if it really was a remake of MG1 and MG2, we would have to play as young Solid Snake.

I think it is a new story and we are gonna play as Big Boss. I think we are gonna play as Big Boss and Raiden because Kojima productions have put up their pictures on the teaser site.

In the translation it said that MGS5 is gonna be set in 2 time periods. The only way I see this working is with 2 different characters.

Big Boss's story is probably a prequel.
But I think Raiden's story might be a sequel. His Ninja suit seems upgraded and his eye is covered. On Raiden's shoulders there are some sort of spikes.
And a reason for Raiden's eye being covered could be because he lost his eye. Raiden had both his eye's on MGS4 and that's why I think Raiden's story is a sequal.

Whitefeather3255d ago

Raiden has blue eyes....this guy's are brown

Dir_en_grey3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

Complaining in the contributor forums yesterday night when everybody else was busting their ass trying to bring new info, about how "There's a ton of duplicate MGS5 stories on the front page. Please kill all but one".
Which got legit stories taken down when they had different "factual info" to offer, and then came back w/ his own lame "speculation" like this?

Talking big on his show about how he doesn't need N4G traffic and how he should be a moderator here, while pulling such an ass move like this is pretty low.

Everybody that noticed the resemblance of the Outer Heaven mark when they saw the hat. Your "Metal Gear expert" only going by the mark and related that to back to Foxhound? out of nowhere just because it's the same person, and then concluding this is a MG1 while disregarding all the other clues and info that are already out, is pretty logically flawed. Maybe you should start playing metal gear Torrance so you will know where the logic flaw is.

With Kojima anything could happen so you might get a lucky guess by not following the actual clues and info, but this just looks like "let's throw something out there so we can get the traffic".
I actually like listening to warzone and wouldn't be writing this if Torrance wasn't being so hypocritical.

On his podcast tordavis is always trying to find loopholes in other people even on small things that doesn't even matter, while himself always makes hypocritical statements all the time. I don't mind it when people bs on your own show cuz it's all fun and games for entertainment, but when you bring that bs to where other people will be affected, I just had to say something.

Torrance, just want to say I do enjoy your show, but being a control freak just because you want everything your way is different from "trying to spread knowledge" and trying to make what's wrong right.
You are always upset and complaining about either this or that is WRONG, but hope you judge your own actions by the standards when you judge other people too. It'll probably make your show and site better too.

PS: While I'm at it I just wanted to say that I do enjoy the Warzone and Hiphopgamershow's broadcasts very much. I do think it's needed to bring variety and entertainment to N4G. Brings a little flavor to this site which is bombarded by worthless reviews and worthless fanboy opinion pieces all the time.

QSPR3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

the PERFECT clone of big boss was solidus,and don't forget olga was using gray fox/raiden cyborg thing. maybe he's playing with us!! dam you KOJIMA,playing with my mind!!

morganfell3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

Bitbag is so far off the mark. It's Sunny, not Raiden or Jaeger.

I can pwn Bitbag in two sentences. Kojima clearly stated this endeavor spans the entire time frame of the Metal Gear universe. The original Metal Gear did not do that.

Wake up. It's two games. One PSP and one PS3.

Mainman3255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

I really hope they are not making a PSP game though.

They shouldnt waste there resources on a PSP game imo. Instead the original team that made MGS4 should concentrate on MGS5 and the MGO (MGS4 online) team should concentrate on MGS5 online.

IdleLeeSiuLung3255d ago

I will take a remake of MGS 1 & 2. Especially since I own the first three, but no PS2 to play it the two later ones on. I would hate to invest a $150 to buy a PS2 and required accessories to play two games....

Jink3254d ago

You see, I'm right. I knew it from the beginning.

4th time I'd show this:

morganfell3254d ago

No Jink you are not right. Look at what I said above. Kojima's own words cut that possibility down.

iDystopia3254d ago

Oh man, I've got a feeling its going to be funny when we see what this actually is.

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Madgunner3255d ago

bullshit " u heard it here first "!!! lol

ive been saying that way before these teasers even droped and i said it the minute big boss was revealed
dont make it sound like u guys are the only wiz's to think of this ^_^

themyk3255d ago

If I can step in here for a moment. I for one can vouch for madgunnner. We've been tearing up the psn since before ingame xmb. Since before the new fancy store. Ranbow six vegas part one. LVU campus son. Nobody gets out alive. Anyways I heard it first from madgunnner. Peace. Yo gunner killzone all weekend.

Madgunner3255d ago

been saying it for the longest even brought up the idea months ago on n4g articles in the comment section!... btw I just now sent my dead console to sony.. should be getting it within a week or two. need to get my hands on infamous while the beta is still out

BattleAxe3255d ago

Damn, was that you guys that kept getting pwnd by my C4 on LVU Campus............Sorry about that guys, I know you're all about pwning with HAZE online. You need everyone to glow yellow ....son.

Madgunner3255d ago

anyone can camp with a C4 at a remote location... get some skill noob... pistols only and you would get rocked and if we do all weaps... me and myk would rape u with the mp7 / 5 ... i personally would embarrass you with the shotty ^_^

themyk3255d ago

Yo gunner look it's one of those guys. No u never "PWND" me with c4 cause I turned c4 and grenades off in my rooms. NO BOOM BOOM N RSV. guns only buddy. I'll take madgunner and xhairs to battle against any three players out there baby. Mp7 silenced and the 92fs. FTMFW. Oh yea who said anything about haze? I love the first RSV.

BattleAxe3255d ago

You always get killed by grenades so you turn them off? Lame dude, real lame. Guess what, in real life SWAT teams have grenades.........and C4.

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Nitrowolf23255d ago

It could possible be a remake, but im not convince with the raiden-Gray fox thing.
And if that is indeed snake then i think it would have to be some sort of flash back thing, unless Hideo lied to us and decided to have snake live.

TheHater3255d ago

Every blog want a piece of this game in terms of rumors. Why don't we just wait until E3 next week? That only 7 days away from the Sony Press conference.

Nitrowolf23255d ago

better yet why not wait till the countdown ends wich if im reading correctly about 98 hours = to 4 days.

raztad3255d ago

True. LOL

Every site is coming up with crazy speculations to get hits :D, well I guess that is much better than pulling poor reviews and arbitrary scores out of their asses.

DarK-SilV3255d ago

why Kojima is doing this,why not wait till E3 ,why put a countdown,he wants people to talk about his game and that is why we all talk about it

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