GO3: Chatting With Epic's Rod Fergusson

Kotaku talks with Rod Fergusson, producer on Gears of War:
"OK, Rod. Cliffy B. I have to ask...

"No, he's not gay!"

...what kind of shampoo does he use? His hair is always looking lovely.

"Oh. I don't know the brand. Or where he gets his highlights done. I'm American Crew, by the way, if you need to know."


I'm chatting with Rod Fergusson, producer on Gears of War. We're sitting in the VIP room of the Perth Convention Centre (well...the Convention Centre cloak room...Kojima and his posse were hogging the VIP room), and I'm taking the chance to ask as many questions about Gears as I can cram into twenty minutes...

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power of Green 4273d ago

Thats the first thing i heard that was positive about the Elite. J/K.