Three Reasons Why Scratch Will be Better than DJ Hero

Xboxist writes:

"This fall, two competing music rhythm games will each vie for your attention - and money. Both games will ditch the tired rock-and-roll theme that has been so tremendously successful in favor of sampled beats and a turntable. While both games will allow pasty white nerds everywhere the chance to vicariously live out their fantasies of laying down ill beats, only one is deserving of their time and money. That game is Scratch: The Ultimate DJ. Here are three reasons why we think the innovative new title from Genius Products will trounce Activision's competing game, DJ Hero, when both land side-by-side in shops this fall."

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clinker3408d ago

That's wack that Activision pretty much stole their idea. Activision stands to make way more money from their game, since they are a bigger company.

PirateThom3408d ago

I'll be opting for Scratch, because Activision are, by far, the devil.

clinker3408d ago

That would have been such a good burn if you could spell.

cryymoar3408d ago

there were no spelling errors.

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