Kojima working on two Metal Gears: the latest theory

Gamezine: Kojima Production's flash teaser website presents Big Boss, and Famitsu magazine blanks out all the details on the next Metal Gear game.

Kojima makes it clear that he wants everyone to guess about the game when Big Boss flashes on his teaser website, and we expect Raiden to appear as well, since he's shown alongside Big Boss in Famitsu magazine.

How Raiden and Big Boss will appear in the same game seems a little bit of a stretch, so a reliable source has let us know that it's very likely that the team is working on two games...

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

The guy in the Famitsu scan IS NOT RAIDEN. Thats Gray Fox all day. You can tell cuz his armor is silver and red orange.

kingOVsticks3369d ago

yea I think its gray fox too since gray fox actually has red eyes!

Mainman3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

What? Gray Fox's suit dont look like that man. Gray fox has a circle on his forehead.

Obviously it is Raiden, or someone else that has the same suit, facial features and haircut as Raiden.

I really hope they are not making a PSP game. Gaming on portable devices is simply not comfortable.

Wasnt the Famitsu translation saying that the game was in 2 time periods? So, its 1 game that covers 2 time periods with maybe (probably) 2 playable characters.

pwnsause3369d ago

Gray Fox is Dead. he got squashed by Rex remember? Plus Gray Fox has a different suit.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3369d ago

You cant see enough of his suit in the famitsu scan to know what it looks like. All you can see is his shoulder. Raiden doesnt have brown eyes. Nor is he old enough to be in the same timeframe as the younger big boss. Also note that in the scan, the cyborg ninja has a band covering his eye. Gray Fox had an eye injury which would correlate with that. This is obviously a prequel about teh boss and frank jaeger.

cmrbe3369d ago

Octocon!! lol.

No but Exgamer is right. He looks more like Frank IMO. Raien's suit is actually almost the same as Gray Fox's suit. Don't you guys remeber when Gray fox in MGS opened his helmet?.

George Sears3369d ago

Gray Fox could had easily been using a different suit once he was out of San Hieronymo. He doesn't need an exoskeleton suit during the 70's and 80's because he wasn't a cyborg back then. He got his ass kicked by Snake on Zanzibar Land and that was on mid 1990's.

The game could easily depict Big Boss in his rise of power from the legacy passed on by Gene in order to create Outer Heaven. Or maybe not even go as far as that. Maybe the creation of FoxHound and his involvement during the Vietnam War.

If his game really is after MGS4, then Raiden wouldn't even be a cyborg anymore.

Maybe it actually is two games but if it isn't and that man is really Frank Hunter then you might be seeing a sequel for Portable Ops on a home console.

Yokan3369d ago

Yeah it definitely isnt Raiden. But still who could it be.........

skwidd3369d ago

I want it to be Sunny when she's older. It was said in translations that it takes place years after MGS4. Im also up for a change to play with a female heroine. I doubt it though. Look at the shoulders on "Raiden". Cant be a woman's. Im happy anyway but Sunny is wishful thinking :)

MazzingerZ3369d ago

Not BigBoss but Shalashaska :)

bushfan3369d ago

MSG portable ops 2 on psp and another MSG for ps3

morganfell3369d ago

That is Sunny in the future. She has followed in her mother's footsteps to become a cyber ninja. That game is the PS3 title.

Big Boss is shown just after leaving Foxhound. That is the PSP2 game. Each of these titles is playable by itself. But when the consoles are connected you will better see how actions taken by Big Boss in the past affect the mission Sunny is on in the future roughly 10 years after MGS4. I would hazard to say the unlocks will show an interactivity not yet witnessed between the two.

Just drop these ridiculous 360 rumors. It isn't happening.

QSPR3369d ago

who play MGS2?? remember olga??????? she was using gray fox/raiden suit!! don't know fellahs,but this game is gonna be huge!!!

pixelsword3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

like around the 70's or 80's or something.

And I think that patch on the beret is a outer haven prototype.

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Nambassa3369d ago

Wouldn't it be amazing if you played the whole game as sunny and there were loads of mini games where you have to cook eggs!?!? ojoj. lol but wouldn't it be great if kojima was working on two mgs'??? i'd love for that to happen and i hope they stay playstation exclusive.

Nathan1233369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

Speculations speculations and more speculations... lol. Somewhere Kojima must be sitting and reading this and having a blast.

All I really care is a PS3 MGS... Let it be an old remake... or a new IP or something related to Snake/Raiden/Sunny/ Big Boss/ Akiba or any other character....... It's MGS and built by Kojima means instant EPIC title on our hand.

Just wait till E3 (I know the wait kills... but deal with it)... Things will be clear.

P.S: Hopefully after all this hype, this doesn't turn out to be an iPhone game or something like last time. Man that would piss a lot of people.

pixelsword3369d ago

That sounds like a Wii game or something... no offense to anyone, of course.

GiantEnemyCrab3369d ago

So tired of these MGS stories.. How many do we need? Keep them out of the 360 section at least.

cmrbe3369d ago

Not Uncharted, Not KZ2 its MGS. The greatest game franchise ever.

Bnet3433369d ago

MGS is not the greatest franchise. For it to be, MGS2 wouldn't of have sucked as bad as it did. and MGS3 is a Splinter Cell clone. Also, if this is int he 360 section, that mean MGS might be coming to 360 right?

Super-Brad3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

The only reason that this has been put in the xbox section and the others is that no one knows where it belongs.

Kojima has really got us going with this, I praise him for this teaser and for a GREAT saga of metal gear.

cmrbe3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

MGS3 is a Splinter Cell Clone??? LMAO!!!.

Dude, Kojima invented Stealth action game with MGS stupid.

Yes, MGS2 is the weakest of the series but the weakest of the series is still better than 99 percent of games out now. Heck MGS2 is better then Gears 1 and 2 combined.

Look Splinter Cell is good but MGS is in a leauge of its own. Its like comparing Froza to GT lol! Froza is good but GT is on a different level all together.

MGS3 a Splinter Cell clone? lol. Get out of here kid.

Edit: Kigmal, I am sorry to say this but you are either a Kid or stupid to think that MGS3 is a SC clone. Now you say that MGS3 dosen't play like MGS2 and MGS1. Please just stop it there. You are making yourself look like an even bigger fool that you already are.

Bnet3433369d ago

Have you ever played MGS3 and Splinter Cell? MGS3 didn't play like MGS 1 or 2. Kojima saw Splinter Cell and took it's ideas and MGS3 plays like Splinter Cell. No need to call me stupid or kid.

table3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

MGS3 plays nothing like splinter cell. I've played MGS2 more than any other game out there and it definately is not a let down compared to the other games... Kigmal was born retarded...

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iDystopia3369d ago

This theory completely fails.

Gun_Senshi3369d ago

kojima kept calling that person "old man" not big boss.

Raiden's eyes are BLUE

The Emblem on the "big boss" hat is different

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