Zune HD will Destroy Iphone/Itouch

With Microsoft letting the news go that they will release Zune HD this fall. They have sealed the fate of Apples mobile monster Iphone/Itouch. By combining HD content and technology with an updated windows mobile/windows 7 software OS, along with what many predict games will also be a corner stone of the device. True HD mobile content and convergence with your Xbox 360 services opens up the concept of Live Anywhere Microsoft has been spouting. Will it come true? And how long does Apple have before Zune HD takes them down?

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lonz3583367d ago

death of Ipod Touch/Iphone by one product, the Zune HD lol thinks not

meepmoopmeep3367d ago

did Odion write the title?


4Sh0w3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

I guess it could take a small dent in iTouch's dominance, but really the ipod brand is just too huge right now to even think micro can make a significant impact this early. If all the rumors are true and the price is right the Zune HD will do well but "Destroy Iphone/Itouch" is laughable at best.

DoucheVader3366d ago

But Zune is a johnny come lately (just like ALL MS products) hack job piece of sh*t.

spongeboob3367d ago

Who writes these garbage headlines they sound like the kid in class of is starving for attention. I find them to be more of a turn off. The only thing it is going to destroy is any chance of me reading the article.

Smellslikepie3366d ago

The ZuneHD has as much chance of 'destroying' the iPhone and iPod Touch as it did the original iPod.

Firstly, the ZuneHD will have no impact upon the sales of iPhones at all. It is not a phone.

As for the iPod Touch (there is no such product as an iTouch), it will take more than what has been announced to significantly impact sales. With the App Store, there are many games that can be downloaded (many of which are free), along with other applications that enhance productivity.

I believe that the average consumer couldn't care less about whether it has an OLED screen, or if they can display 720p video from the device.

Smellslikepie3366d ago

I thought I'd rewrite it for this guy to provide a less biased article:

'ZuneHD vs iPod Touch: Clash of the Titans?'

On Tuesday the 28th of May 2009, Microsoft took the lid off their ZuneHD device. Mark that day in your calendar, folks; it’s also the day they effectively laid down the gauntlet to Apple. If the leaked specifications are true then next week’s E3 exposition could be a monumental shift for portable device lovers, gamers, music, and video lovers. ZuneHD is a device that will allow 720p video content to be displayed via an output. Along with existing Zune features, Microsoft have included a revolutionary service: HD Radio. This allows for enhanced digital music and podcasts.

This reincarnation of the Zune will feature an OLED multi-touchscreen that boasts greater clarity than those used in other portable media devices. All of these features, combined with an in-built web browser and Xbox Live Arcade games, herald the death of the Ipod Touch. One reason for this is because of the potential synergetic relationship between the Xbox 360 and the ZuneHD. Although previous attempts by Sony haven’t worked out as the consumer would have liked, Microsoft has the ability to try to better their rivals and create a truly integrated community of products

The ‘Video Marketplace’ that is available through the Xbox 360’s NXE interface is set to be renamed the ‘Zune Marketplace.’ This is an effort to immediately make the consumer aware that the content available on the Xbox 360 is also available for their ZuneHD device. There is hope that this integration will create an environment similar to that found in Apple’s iTunes that will pave the way for new music deals with both major and independent distribution companies. If this is the case, then there is enormous potential for e-books and other digital media to be made available for this device.

There are rumours abound that Microsoft will be incorporating Nvidia’s Tegra technology to give the ZuneHD that extra bite over it’s competitors. This is perfect not only for Microsoft, but also for Nvidia because they are constantly looking for ways to push their GPU technology to new heights.
The Operating System of the device is said to comprise components of WinMobile and Windows 7. This could be seen as a wise move for Microsoft because all of the clamour and love for the Windows 7 beta could prove beneficial to this new OS.

There is also potential for further development of the ZuneHD in the future if this product does well commercially. Its almost a certainty that phone companies would want to develop this into a phone if it makes a great impact upon the sale of iPods.

What do you think? Does Microsoft’s ZuneHD look like it has the ability to seriously impact the sales of Apple’s iPod and iPhone?"

Why o why3366d ago

you should take his job

Smellslikepie3366d ago

Haha! I'd have no time for trying to seriously hold down a blogging job. I've just finished my second year of university, so doubt I'll have the time in my third year!

I just hate reading articles that have such a biased spin. I believe all news that is reported should be completely objective and the reader should make up their own mind.

Fishy Fingers3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

Right... So the (non phone) Zune is going to destroy the iphone.

LukaX233366d ago

"Wow! The Zune HD is so cool! It's way better than anything Apple ever made!"

[Apple announces the 3rd generation iPod Touch.]

"The Zune HD sucks!"

You honestly think that one product is going to stop Apple's dominance in the music market? 3 words.


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