Xbox 360 Elite HDMI Questions Answered

Loot Ninja gets their Elite questions answerd:
"Yesterday I posted about all the questions I still had about the Xbox 360 Elite. Someone with inside sources at Microsoft from AVS Forum actually got a chance to ask all of those questions.

The 360 Elite will support HDMI 1.2, which means no Dolby Digital+ or TrueHD sound. It will support uncompressed Linear PCM, but only 2 channel. That's some BS right there. That shoots down my idea of buying one..."

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Keyser4277d ago

I had been wondering and asking about this very point. There's a significant difference in HDMI 1.2 vs. 1.3. MS continues to stay in the present and not build anything for the future. (Dvd, 20gb, 120gb,...) With a company that has as much rseources as MS I would assume that at some point they would take a chance for gamers benefit but they refuse to do so.

You might wonder why 1.3 or 1.2 is such a big deal. Most HDTV haven't purchased their new HDTV yet. Let's just say that the early adopters have (me). There is a significant jump in the bandwith from 1.2 to 1.3. Much better sound and billions of colors. (google HDMI 1.3) It's not used in most devices right now. Most will say that is the reason MS isn't using it yet. Sure, they'll make a new Xbox 3 years from now (Next year) that has 1.3 and you have "the choice" of buying it for that feature. can buy a PS3 now and when tvs, receivers and blu-ray's are pushing that feature you'll arleady be set.

Sony has done a lot of stupid stuff surrounding the PS3 but they went out on a limb for the PS3 to bring, whoever payed the $600 beans, the most for their money. They didn't give you a cheap dvd drive like the PS2 had or even "play it safe" like MS is doing.

I'm sure fanboys will rush in and say they don't need all that stuff. They're probably right, they don't. For those who do, might, will in the future, it's already in the PS3 so your cost over the life of the systems is lessened. The essential meaning of future-proof. Be like the ants and less like the grasshopper. (Or be like me and buy both :))
Many say the 360 is great for TODAY. I agree. I play mine often. My PS3 though is great for TODAY and better yet, great for TOMORROW.

No fanboy here but I am an educated consumer. It's not that MS can't make a better product, they "choose" not to for profit. IMO, that's not good for gamers in the long run. Read this month's article in Game Informer about how MS could be offering some free online content that the developers want but MS is trying to condition it's audience to pay for everything...

Do like Gears though! Fun game.

sajj3164277d ago

HDMI 1.2 versus 1.3 (google it). Can someone give me logical reason why they didn't go with HDMI 1.3? Remove your fanboyism for 5 minutes and please educate me on this.

techie4277d ago

Prob because it's not needed now? Seems to be the way to go. Not even the ps3 supports HDMI 1.3 software wise yet (as far as I know) though I think that's coming very soon (or could have already come)...I'm sure they'll be another HDMI output very soon anyway.

Hey ho

JOLLY14277d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

First off I'm sure he has a hdmi 1.3 receiver that he uses (which is the only wat to get the audio benefit of 1.3). Oh wait, you say that there is only 1 receiver out riht now with 1.3 connectivity, well I'm sure he has that one. Well there is the other thing though, He says that there is one cable connectivity. I agree with that, if you are only going to your television. How does it get to that wonderful receiver? Oh....I know, he has an hdtv and wants the best tv audio possible! That's wonderful, too bad your tv probably isn't 1.3 either. People that don't think before they type are funny.

Keyser4276d ago

Let me help you out just a tad...the point on my...rant, is that MS doesn't prepare you for the future and make you console gel well with the devices that will come out in the future as well as the devices that come out now. That to me is a problem when other companies are(In this case, Sony).

I have a new receiver and it has 4 HDMI inputs which will accept 1.1-1.3. It does not have the the capability of decoding 1.3 but it will allow it's input (physically). 1.3 is capable of delivering all the codes that you receive today so my system can handle that. The blu-ray will probably posses Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS ES 6.1 or other codes which my receiver can decode.

I also have one of the latest HDTVs but no it too doesn't have 1.3. It has 1.1 but can accept (physically) display up to it's breakpoint, the colors being transmitted.

These are things I have NOW!!!! Tomorrow, I may buy a receiver that has 1.3 or a tv that has 1.3 capabilities and they will take full advantage of everything the PS3 can deliver. Don't get me wrong, everything now is quite beautiful and rich in sound but there can be more that the PS3 is able to deliver. The 360 is a today system, not a tomorrow system. The PS3 can deliver today and tomorrow.

My problem is that MS is capable of delivering more but doesn't on purpose. Many 360 enthusiast have asked why the Elite didn't have other things built on board that the PS3 has. I prefer a system that will take chances in gaming to provide a better experience. Leaps help the technology advance as well as chances. Sony is taking those chances and MS is definietly capable of "wowing" us with it's hardware but rather "ho-hum" there way because of profit. They see Sony do something and then just say, "Well, we can build that too!" Then I have 3 three 360's to choose from in 1.5 years.

Sorry so wordy but I wanted you to know I've been thinking about it.

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FordGTGuy4277d ago

An optical cable and you can have both HDMI and optical hooked up at one time. Nice dumb question.

sajj3164277d ago

save your sarcastic answers for 12 year olds FordGTBoy. Didn't think the 360 had an optical port. Anyway, if you want to reduce your cabling and have one cable to handle both the audio and visual side, HDMI 1.3 is the way to go. Just wondering why MS opted to go 1.2 since the whole purpose of the Elite is to capture a niche market of high def audio and visual gamers (which I am in).

FordGTGuy4277d ago

The stock wires that comes with the Xbox 360 include component, composite, and optical output. Why did Microsoft choose HDMI 1.2? Well thats a question for them but all I said was that it has Optical.

likeaboss3024277d ago

There is no technical or cost reason for not going HDMI 1.3. MS just dropped the ball on the Elite version. They can get it right all the time.

No built in Wi-Fi, HD DVD, or HDMI 1.3 = No Elite for me

shikwan4277d ago

Praise Sony for putting HDMI 1.3 on their system...that almost no one use.

Question Sony for not allowing PC Connectivity (most modern electronics do) and having the worst Online Service (the future of gaming).

Question the NEED for HDMI in the first place-before you question why MS hasn't put it on the system until now.

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