Thoughts On Kojima's Countdown: DLC Anyone?

Kojima once said that he was thinking of having downloadable episodes a long way back, before MGS4 was released….(any thoughts going through anyone's head?) so as of now Kojima reveals his team and show that clearly means it a exclusive….unless Kojima says otherwise.

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360DownINflames3368d ago

Just massive epic ownage by Sony lately.

iDystopia3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

haha Infamous is going to Flop in sales and its not even AAA.

I'm gonna be laughing when Kojima breaks your little Droid hearts at E3.

Xbox 360 still killing PS3rd in sales. lol Keep telling yourself people actually care about the PS3 though.

akenny013368d ago

didnt they say its one for psp and one for ps3, how can it be DLC then lol

Nitrowolf23368d ago

well its still possible. I still want a trophy patch.

Question in one of article i saw, it said something about 7 years after MGS4? i can't remember where i saw that but how is that possible for big boss to be alive then? Unless of course that is snake in disguise of they reversed his aging. Or its a new clone.

Whitefeather3368d ago

Konami said they had something special on the 1 year anniversary on the official playstation blog. Could be trophies

Nitrowolf23368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

and when is that?

@ Below: Thx

PotNoodle3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

The 1 year anniversary is june 12th for MGS4, and 11th for metal gear solid.

MisterNiwa3368d ago

This person is an idiot, for seeing Snakes Revenge and the NES Game as the original Metal Gear.

The MSX Metal Gear was the only real one, the NES version contained a giant Computer as boss, and Snakes Revenge was an unofficial sequel.
Metal Gear was one game without a sequel but after Snakes Revenge Kojima decided to deliver a real Sequel to the MSX Metal Gear.

This 2cents of his, can got to hell.

Mainman3368d ago

Nobody said it's "1 for PSP and 1 for PS3".
The interview of Kojima is in Famitsu PS3+PSP, that's why many people get confused into thinking that there is 1 PS3 and 1 PSP game.

It is probably just 1 PS3 game only.

I also doubt it is MGS4 DLC though. The renders of Big Boss and Raiden look better than the renders of Old Snake and Raiden from MGS4. Plus I dont think they wouldnt tease as much as they did just to anounce DLC.

whoelse3368d ago

DLC isn't my idea of "NEXT" but there you go.

Shadow Flare3368d ago

There's no way that picture is solid snake. Because quite simply, he doesn't wear an eye patch. And the clothing is totally what big boss wears. And the insignia is related to outer heaven. But that other picture sure as hell looks like raiden. If it isn't, then there's a strong possibility that its Null, aka. Frank Jaeger, aka. Gray Fox. Which would settle the timeline and make for a very interesting story for the game

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Whitefeather3368d ago

Also, if they announce it now it doesn't mean it comes out next year. It could come out in 5 years...this is Kojima...

Nitrowolf23368d ago

that true, until then Kojima will continue to tease

Whitefeather3368d ago

I just noticed this is a hiphopgamer article -__-

PotNoodle3368d ago

Well, i'd imagine because they already have the engine that they created for MGS4 - it won't take as long to make another metal gear game if it is a game that is coming out on the PS3 or 360.

militant073368d ago

5 countdowns for a DLC? NO WAY

Dazel3368d ago

Well spotted with the eyes? Now that is interesting.

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