Nintendo Life First Impressions: Muscle March

Muscle March stands out for several reasons. First it's a port of an arcade game (anyone know what the cabinet for this looked like or what the controls were like?), second it was published by Bandai-Namco, one of the largest and oldest Japanese game publishers, and finally it involves guiding a bodybuilder (or polar bear) in pursuit of a protein powder thief through openings in walls made by said thief, through a variety of landscapes, by adopting different body-building poses.

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Shnazzyone3401d ago

Is this homosexual... or just seriously and androgynously messed up?

deshon093401d ago

is this all nitendo has for it fans not cool quite lame

Myst3401d ago

..I..I'm scared...

Yet it doesn't seem to bad judging from the comments on the article, though I wonder how many people are going to take the characters as role models and start pumping some iron.

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