Seagate Announces New 2TB External Drives

Tech Olive writes: "Seagate announced yesterday two new additions to their FreeAgent line of external hard drives; the 2TB FreeAgent Desk and the 2TB FreeAgent XTreme. Differences between the two? The Desk basically just has a USB interface, while the XTreme allows you to use either USB, eSATA or Firewire. That's the only noticeable difference that we know of so far.

Seagate must also be using their new Barracuda Low Power drives in these 2TB FreeAgent models, since it's their only 2TB consumer hard drive that they currently manufacturer. Sounds good to me.

The 2TB XTreme and Desk are $330 and $300, respectively and are both available now.

Is the eSATA and Firewire capabilities worth the exra $30? We'll see when we review the drives next week."

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