Return To Mysterious Island Gameplay Preview Video And Screenshots writes:

"Chillingo has partnered with developer Tetraedge to bring you a new adventure game based on Jules Verne's novel, The Mysterious Island.

Return to Mysterious Island for the iPhone and iPod touch puts you in the shoes of Mina, a sailor who is stranded on the shores of an island somewhere in the south Pacific. The game allows you to explore your surroundings to uncover artifacts, living spaces, and technologies that have been left behind by the previous inhabitants."

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FuzzyChinchilla3403d ago

good to get some practice just in case i am ever on a deserted island alone and have to fend for myself!

dubbalubagis3403d ago

As long as you have your iPhone with you on that deserted island, you can just play the game to distract yourself from your inevitable demise, since I would assume AT&T has little coverage on an island.