How to Build a Gaming Computer Guide: Part One (ZTGD)

Odion writes: Let me just say this, I am writing this for someone who has no idea about building a computer so I'll be going through the basics, so if you're just looking for step by step instructions on just the construction you should come back in a later part of this guide.

A little history first and the rules of this guide, I have so far built from scratch 3 computers, and upgraded my computer about 6 times. For the purposes of this guide, we will be using a 1000 dollar budget, and Intel and ATI parts. The reason for this is that I know those pieces better then Nvidea and AMD and I want to give you guys the best information I can. As well we're going to assume that you have a case, keyboard, mouse, and monitor ready to go.

Part 1 is going to be real simple, I am just going to explain all the key parts of the computer so you know what you need to get, and what they do. Again this is focused for people who don't know how a computer is built.

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Odion3337d ago

I wrote this, enjoy people!

tdrules3337d ago

I'm actually starting my first gaming rig build next week, so get these all out by then please (:

Information Minister3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

You might want to fix that. But I do like the way how you organized the info.

Also you should warn people that if they want to use more than 3.5GB of RAM, they'll need a 64-bit OS.

micro_invader3337d ago

Why the hell are people disagreeing with you?

Nice article, I'm still reading through it though, so far so good.

mirroredderorrim3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Thanks for a fine contribution, Odion.

You break it down pretty clear and concise.

Maybe you could give me some suggestions on what to use to build my new PC around some old parts.

*Qx9650+8800GTX*1000watt power supply(Ultra)*
What ram and board do you recommend with that?
(sold the rest)
Also, I recently moved and have a lite-on Blu-Ray player but the damned disc was crushed to bits, by mistake, via hydraulic-press.

I want to make a blu-ray playing, gaming rig and I got most of the stuff to do it.

Edit: whoever disagreed for no reason, with you, needs to get a fcking life.

mrv3213337d ago

I was so tempted to click disagree... with PC the bigger the better so get 8 gig ram just to brag on online forums about some ability to play Crysis on high and some other stuff. Only for a guy like me to reply with well I play Pshyconaugts on low and I can tell you I have more fun.

Odion3337d ago

I will have to look into some good options for you, I'll try to get you an answer soon.

Perjoss3337d ago

erm, btw some people actually enjoy crysis, and not just for the graphics. Fun is all good but why only have fun when you can have fun and good graphics also, people actually want better graphics, its kinda why people don't play NES or sega master system anymore.

va_bank3337d ago

I haven't built a PC in 10 years, but I'm going to start now, since all the prebuilt PC are made of the $h!ttiest parts available. My current PC runs most of today's games well, but fails miserably at editing HD video.

tdrules3337d ago

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KeiKei3337d ago

whats wrong with wanking ?

mrv3213337d ago

I think tdrules is simply saying that there's no point allways being a waste basket of human stupidity and general arrogance.... yes this is the internet and to be browsing this and actually complaining means your all ready pretty alienated from society more so than the people on here and I must admit that take work.(that's you McBear)

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f7897903337d ago

Even new games are cheaper there.

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