TeamXbox - Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Review

TeamXbox: I did have a lot of enjoyable adventures in Sacred 2, and I hope to be able to keep playing it through some of the other characters-though I'm sure I won't get anywhere near to completing it. At the same time, there's also concern that the many hours I put in (though only on one character class, which is over Level 22) could be lost to a save-game glitch. Add to that the wash-rinse-repeat feeling I had frequently, and I come to the conclusion that Sacred 2 is far from what it could have been. Perhaps you'll be one of those who raves about how much you enjoy it and you can shrug off its glitches to that end. I think there was the potential for greatness, and clearly a lot of time was poured into making it what it is, but the end product is ultimately diminished by its shortcomings.

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