Spong Interview: Tomorrow's Killzone 2 Patch - Full Details

Spong writes: "Sony's set to release Patch 1.27 for Killzone 2 tomorrow morning. It's spawned from feedback dished up by the community over at the official Killzone 2 site and will include improvements to the party matching system and a 'High Precision' control system.

We could bang on about it, but instead we're going to turn you over to Eric Boltjes, Guerrilla lead multiplayer designer, in this Q&A Sony's dished up. Bear in mind that it is indeed official... so we're analysing it, however, we figured you'd want to see it ASAP, so have a gander below:"

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Sony Rep3343d ago

Nice updates. Killzone 2 will be that much better of a game because of it.

Personal favorite...

" The Tactician Badge’s secondary ability (to request air support from a Sentry Bot) has also been tweaked to make the Sentry Bot more useful. It can aim more accurately now, and its health is a little higher as well."

BubbleSystemSuck3343d ago

yeah... te airsupport ribbon is a pain in the a...

This is a Huge Patch... "High Precision" control mode...

mmm... finally, aim like COD?

table3343d ago

I hope they don't make the aiming like CoD. I love the controls as they are so I don't want them to make the aiming too easy for the noobs.

We'll see what they do with it anyway but I'm not warming to the idea.

Downtown boogey3343d ago

Great patch! I havenät playd the game after obtaining the 4# weekly honor rank, but now I'm gonna give a try!

edgeofblade3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

You know the great thing about "High Precision" aiming? You don't have to turn it on if you don't want to.

And why shouldn't the aiming be easy and natural? Are you so afraid of noobs that you can't shoot them like everyone else? Why should there be a barrier to new players? Doesn't that mean more players? Do you really want to be a small fish in an increasingly empty pond... or do you want new players brought into the game? God, your logic is so flawed.

This is great... Guerrilla saw through the morons who claimed there was nothing wrong and fixed their game anyway. This is awesome.

table3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

They might make the new controls too easy so that the game aims for you like CoD and so you're at a disadvantage not to use it. If this is the case I'll be very disappointed.

There are enough people playing Killzone2 anyway I'd prefer it if those annoying squeeky voiced CoD girlies didn't come over and play the game.

Kleptic3343d ago

if people where having enough trouble with the controls as to not play it...then its fine I guess, if it brings people back...but I still don't understand why so many had such a problem with them...they are different, but not in a bad way...and I have always enjoyed that...I hate this idea that everyone wants every shooter to handle exactly the same...

and GG fecked up the air bots...I knew they would...we were bugging them to simply change the ribbon requirements...the last thing we need is an overpowered AI controlled thing that will take you out easily...we just wanted to get ribbons for using the stupid things, not for getting kills with them...

so all that is going to happen is that people are going to turn off the tactician now when making a server...sometimes I really think GG is a little out of touch with their community...every thread that brought up how hard it is to get the air support ribbons, had at least 10 members saying DON'T MAKE THEM STRONGER!...there isn't a player on earth that wants a more powerful AI controlled device, at least when one has targeted you...the ground bots are already bad enough...

at least they finally tweaked the assault badge...but doesn't one makes servers that have them on anyway...exactly how it should be...that class has always been a joke, and even with this tweak, the rockets will still piss people off...

edgeofblade3343d ago

@Kleptic: "but doesn't one makes servers that have them on anyway...exactly how it should be"

See, I take issue with the "how it should be". That's like saying, "We are used to Windows having Blue Screens of Death, and therefore shouldn't fix them."

likedamaster3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

"Guerrilla saw through the morons who claimed there was nothing wrong and fixed their game anyway."

I'm going to have to agree with you on that. You make two great points. (@fangirls, Disagree is at bottom right)

thor3343d ago

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

The aerial support bots ARE TOO WEAK.

I don't care if you think they can be used tactically, they are next to useless. If they were made more powerful, it would add an extra dynamic to the game. It's totally easy to avoid them - just go indoors? The whole point of an aerial support bot is to lock down an area and distract the enemy. When they're as weak as they are, you don't lose anything by just ignoring them completely.

Aerial support bots, even if they were made 10x as powerful, would still be combatable. Place a turret. Duck under cover and pop out and shoot. Before you know it it's dead. The other team can only place 2 anyway!

I know elitist KZ2 players would rather that there weren't any classes because "bububu it's teh imbalanced" but the truth is that once you DO get all of those ribbons, there's no way in hell that you'll ever use the tactician's secondary ability again. That's why it should be made more powerful.

Do you think that boost is imbalanced? Spot and mark? Now we at least have a viable alternative.

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chidori6663343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

* Spawn invincibility removed
* Airbots improved
* Assaults nerfed
* "High precision" controls option
* Join friend feature improved
* Faction balancing fixed
and other features

All tomorrow morning....:)

vrc3343d ago

For copying my post from the PS forums.


himdeel3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

...only at the starting spawn points at your factions starting map points.

Popable spawn invincibility should go as people should check cameras when possible before they spawn.


LiquifiedArt3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

It didn't have all these from day 1. Its our (KZ2 Fans) Job to spread the word to all our buddies who may of brushed it aside. New Controls, New Join options and New Balances completely turn the game up a few notches.

@himdeel - The removal of spawn point invincibility is great. This will dismiss the spawn and suicide rocket hounds. This will also help with spawning and grenading into a room. It will actually make the other team have to fight their way in and not just have a grenade or rocket-fest.

Graphics3343d ago

another control patch finally? maybe this 1 will make me finally buy the game, but 1st ill try it out

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chidori6663343d ago

yep, sory for this.. XDDD

FantasyStar3343d ago

The High Precision Mode alone has my interests piqued.

Nambassa3343d ago

yea i thought it would be like cod4 controls but Eric says that it still feels weighty. its just the anologue sticks are more sensitive to your touch.

Stationfan3343d ago

Great news cant wait, i've chosen K2 for my primary FPS this first half of the year, still play it every day even though i already got my platinum.

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