Casual Gamers: Do We Need Them?

So all those people buy Wiis and perhaps another console here or there, they play flash games on the internet, whatever, but they are part of the gaming industry whether they like it or not. But Angry Gamers can't help but wonder if this development is good for the gaming community, as consumers. To understand this segment of the gaming consumers better, let's dive back into history…

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qface643339d ago

i mean if the so called casual gamer wasn't around then there would be allot less money in the gaming industry
a lot less money to go around for the devs and publishers

Kakkoii3339d ago

Yeah. Also, casual gaming is a good thing to have. It's like the "gateway drug" to hardcore gaming. It gets people interested in games, who normally wouldn't. So I think it's one element of gaming that will really help grow the industry faster.