SEGA to make an announcement on Friday

Yesterday, SEGA confirmed their lineup for this year's E3. However, there were no real surprises or implied revelations on the list. Don't freak out yet, though: SEGA is set to make an announcement in a few days.

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Kain813338d ago

Last year Sega mentioned that they are Planning Skies of Arcadia for Wii and PS3.
Hope it is it.

But it could be Yakuza3 for US/EU

rebirthofcaos3338d ago

I have yet to play,see,watch, shenmue but I have a dream about that game being remade for ps3 I wonder why....

Roper3163338d ago

a new Valkyria Chronicles would be great or a Yakuza 3 NA/EU release would also be really cool. But I really really want more Valkyria Chronicles!!!!!!!

TheColbertinator3338d ago

A new Valkyria Chronicles,new Shenmue,new Skies of Arcadia,Golden Sun 3,Sega has so many options.I hope its not another crappy Sonic game

knox3338d ago


i hope it's not sonic unleashed 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.