Zune HD: Is a touch screen enough?

Tiny software start-up Microsoft announced a big development for its Zune today: Zune HD! And the Internet heaved a collective sigh of "no joke." Indeed the Zune HD -- in all its touch-screen glory -- has been a badly kept secret for months. But now the zunecat's out of the zunebag, although pricing and capacity are still under zunewraps.

The new gizmo, set to come out this fall, sports a 16:9 widescreen, though the "HD" in the name is a teeeeeny bit misleading: It's HD radio, no video, though the gadget can do HD video output with the right docking station. That means you can use the Zune HD like a portable HD player, but you still need an HD monitor (like your HDTV) to actually view it.

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