GamingBolt : MAJOR Kojima Productions update : Two Metal Gears ?

The reason it will be 2 different games is that if this is indeed Big Boss, he is young, and Raiden was not in the same time line if Naked Snake, aka Big Boss. But like all of us know, this is Kojima and who knows what he is up to.

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sinncross3404d ago

Wait can someone actually clarify this.

I read that there were two games but then later read that the translation was incorrect, and now 2 games again.


Sharingan_no_Kakashi3404d ago

We'll be better off waiting til E3 or whenever he announces it.

Mindboggle3404d ago

Why cant everyone just shut up and wait till E3. The amount of theorys ive seen on this site in the last couple of days is ridiculous.

Noone knows what Kojimas working on, and we got people trying to guess when in reality they havent got the slightest clue.

Just wait till E3 and all will be revealed.

SL1M DADDY3404d ago

One for PS3, and the other for PSP. It's not that hard to figure out that if there is in fact two more MGS titles, they will be on the current PS platforms that are still being supported 100%. The PS2 is just not getting the love from Kojima these days and I can't see that changing any time soon.

UltimateIdiot9113404d ago

One of the reasons why we love Kojima so much is because he's progressive. He doesn't walk backward, only forward in his work. Every game he made, I've seen improvements in graphic, gameplay, and sound.
So yeah, it's unfortunate there is no PS2 love anymore but hey he has to move on.

Natsu893404d ago

These guys are talking as if they know what is going to be...
mgs 5 between mgs 2 and mgs 4 blaahhh, sure it is possible but they talk trash as if they're the source...

RumbleFish3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

At 8:14 begins a sequence where all previous MGSs are shown in small boxes! At 8:24 there are two boxes with "UNDER CONSTRUCTION".

Two games have been announced when MGS 4 was released!

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MattG3404d ago

Telling people to wait till E3 and stop trying to figure this out, and it gets failed approval. While all these conspiracy theroies continue to go up. Might as well change the sites name to T4g (Tabloids 4 Gamers)

Genki3404d ago

Somebody oughta change that portion of the title to "speculation", and since it has no factual basis, drop the overzealous "MAJOR" part of it too. Let's also not forget that this has been speculated upon...scores of times before hand, so this...guess is nothing new or enlightening.

timmyrulz3404d ago

It would be nice if Kojima used his creative talents on some new games instead of the old rehashed MGS series

xryls3404d ago

One thing is for sure it's for the ps3 and psp(maybe psp2) im so happy mgs kickass.

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