Top ten selling PSN games revealed for April

Sony may get a lot of things wrong, but one cannot deny that the PlayStation Network has been firing on all cylinders, with some truly interesting, unique and fun titles hitting the downloadable content platform. From Flower to Magic Ball, there are all sorts of neat games, and now we know which titles have been selling the most this month. Unfortunately, the PSN's best games have given way to the worst. Why must the general public insist on enjoying puerile sh*t?

Terrific titles like Flower miss out to the absolutely awful Rag Doll Kung Fu, which takes the top spot. This is before the game was released for free, meaning that people actually bought the rotten thing. The more respectable Worms is at number two, while Wheel of Fortune, of all things, seizes number three. Flower is at number four.

There's no Pixeljunk or Echochrome, which is a shame because those titles are truly what sets PSN apart from XBLA. One would hope that PS3 fans would be more discerning, but ah well. Hit the jump for the top ten sales.

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mrv3213404d ago

Wasn;t the ragdoll game free? That's hardly fair saying flower lost out to free game.... especially considering how awsome and different flower is.

jwatt3404d ago

Rag doll isn't bad it's just that it has no online. My friend bought it and we had fun but he was pissed when he found out it's free.

chaosatom3404d ago

it just didn't have enough gameplay element to make me come back.

Maybe it's just not my type of game. I do love the pixel junk games tho.

mrv3213404d ago

I love it, it's soo funny to here of stuff like this... when people moan about such little things... someone once moaned about in a box of choclates (thorntans) that one was broken... I mean c'mon it's only one. If I owned the shop I'd get another box and instead of giving her the box I'd take out ONE, YES ONE choclate and saying here you go.

I'm not sure how much Ragdoll costed. Have your friend ring up sony they are pretty ignorant at the following.

- Reasons for returns. You could probably send a playstation back because it was water damaged and they'd give you a new one.

- Complaints, everyone moans so just drowns it out.

- Advertising, they even fail to advertise the PS3 as a blu-ray player ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE. How can someone fail at advertising on their own site!

- Europe, for them Europe is like Victorian America... we have to wait 100 years before we are 'advanced' enough to get anything.

Daoshai3404d ago

It clearly states rag doll beat out flower BEFORE it became free.

Too many people posting without reading

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redsquad3404d ago

Wasnt a huge fan of RAG DOLL, but I wouldn't call it "rotten". It certainly lacked longevity though and I am surprised it outsold BURN ZOMBIE BURN, which I thought was great fun.

FLOWER is in a league of it's own though and should be number one.

Nineball21123404d ago

Yeah, I agree with your comment.

Rag Doll isn't my cup of tea (but I don't like fighting games anyways). It's a nice distraction and I'll probably try to pick up a few of the trophies it offers.

FLOWER is/was a fantastic game. I haven't gone back to it in a while (since I have limited game time and I've been on a KZ2 kick lately).

I noticed that Pain is like 9th on that list. I have Pain and I can say that if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't have purchased it.

Linger in Shadows was... different. I can't really see myself ever going back to it unless I'm extremely bored on day... LOL.