Wired Review: Digeo Moxi HD DVR

WIRED: No monthly bills. Sleek high-def interface sports nifty animations and transitions. Hard drive expandable to 2.5 TB (with an external eSATA drive) for power recorders. Commercial skips adjustable. "SuperTicker" widget displays a wealth of sports, weather and news info. Excellent photo-sharing and music capabilities thanks to integrated Flickr, FineTune and Rhapsody apps. Dual tuners let you watch one show while recording another. Offers a whopping 1.5-hour buffer time per HD channel.

TIRED: Hefty entry fee. Online video chops aren't quite up to snuff. Unnecessarily complicated menus. Lackluster search functions for both cable and locally stored content. Programming schedules are displayed in a cramped vertical list instead of a friendlier grid. So expensive there are financing options available.

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