Sony has 'high hopes' for inFamous

Company cites 'a number of high profile and very positive' review scores.

Sony has stated it has "high hopes" for the success of inFamous, Sucker Punch's newest title.

The game, which is set to launch this Friday alongside a PS3 hardware package, has already received sustained praise via review scores and previews.

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Kurisu3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

My Limited Edition copy of the game arrived in the post this morning! 2 days early, nice :D It's a decent game!

I used the code that came with the game to download Gigawatt Blades from the PS Store, but they don't show up in game. Does anybody know anything about this?

himdeel3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

...I used my code to download it but it doesn't show up for me either. I totally forgot about that until you mentioned it.

Okay I read from a poster in Youtube that you need:

Start the game and make a save point
Re-download the power on PSN
Restart the game

Then it should be in your powers menu.

EDIT: I hope this game does great sales wise. The way Sony advertises in the US I really wouldn't be surprise if the sales for Infamous are horrible. The game is out and I still haven't seen a commercial for it until I saw one here on N4G. I had high hopes for this game and it exceeds my expectations.

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hunter213286d ago

redeem the code before you start the game, then when you go to powers yoour going to see it at right top end. pretty neat power.

kingme713286d ago

I saw commercials for it during the NBA playoffs (3 or 4 times). That's definitely a big step for Sony advertising.

Downtown boogey3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

They've already screwed up MGS4, Killzone 2, LBP... Let's just say it: All great PS3 exclusives! WTF???


On topic:
I didn't liked them onions.

ThatCanadianGuy3286d ago

No adertising?? I've seen a few commercials here and there..

It's mostly online where Sony does their marketing, so i've noticed.
Like that inFAMOUS cover they did on IGN and other various websites.

They advertise the hell out of it on the Playstation Youtube channel.
(Which has like 18 million views) They advertised it all over Home
(Wich has millions of users daily) Their marketing campaigns may not seem that impressive or flashy like microsoft's but i feel that they've been redeeming themselves slowly.They showed off R2, LBP, KZ2, MLB09:The show, Yakuza 3, And now inFAMOUS.

It can only get better with time.

original seed3286d ago

I cant wait to play. I also seen one commercial during the playoffs. but what is sad, I've seen about 5 Prototype Gamestop commercial.

gaffyh3286d ago

This game is awesome, I will definitely be getting the sequel

Lifendz3286d ago

Take the MLB09 the show commercials. Classic Sony commercials. Funny and ran constantly. And when did it run? During baseball games. Infamous should be running non-stop during South Park, Family Guy, and pretty much anywhere that the demographic would be watching. The few ads Sony has run were good....but the commercials should really be almost overwhelming.

BTW, I have the game and am loving it so far.

darthv723286d ago

Having high hopes is one thing. Selling millions of copies is another. They have had high hopes so far on every exclusive and really havent done much in the way of marketing and advertising. A few commercials here and there just isn't enough if you want to get the name out. Doing stuff in home or on youtube just isnt the same as running ads on tv and in all types of publications.

Seraphim3286d ago

I really cracked out yesterday. I got through Reaper Country (100% cleared) and headed to Warren last night where I cleared about 40-50%. It's a fantastic game with few complaints from me. Like where's the stat page? ;)

I think this game will easily sell several million. Eventually. But Sony is in it for long term and after sales become sluggish, or perhaps even before, they're bound to toss inFAMOUS in a bundle to get even more sales.

pansenbaer3286d ago

I'm totally with you on the stat page thing. I want to know how many of kills I have, how many heals I have, etc. Getting the trophies for this game is going to be a pain without a stat page...

king dong33286d ago

after a cracking demo, i cant wait to pick this up. top game if you ask me.

GameGambits3286d ago

Beat it on Hard as Evil Cole earlier today. 100% in all cities and over 50% of shards collected.

Verdict so far? Worth every penny even with its few problems which are:

Pop in and rendering issues aren't "minor" they occur every 5-10 seconds at big leaps. Really this game COULD have used another month or two in development to even that out better. It won't take you out of the experience, but the problem is there and easily noted.

Bugs are within the game too. Had a NPC on escort quest just freeze in his spot in a Maniquin position. Had to restart quest. :(

Deja Vu. While there is a great variety of things you do for the missions expect to do each side mission at least 3 times(sometimes 6+). They are all pretty well thought out, but for some this can get "been there done that" feeling very fast.

All in all from how the story changes if you are evil or good, powers change, and some of the moral decisions are just WOW moments; I give the game 8.5 at this second in time. Going to hit up going through good and seeing it all that way after I wake up and get a feel if is better than a 8.5 or less if some bad crap goes down. Who knows.

Really though if you own a PS3 you should get out and get this one. One of the best boss fights in a game is in this and I won't spoil which, but it was a blast to play against her. :D

Cenobia3286d ago

I saw a commercial for it before Terminator Salvation. I think it may have been an actual preview (by that I mean not 20 minutes before the start) but I don't remember exactly.

I think its only like the second game I've seen advertised that way.

Anyway, I can't wait to get my copy. The demo was awesome and the trailer at the end got me even more hyped.

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remanutd553286d ago

loving every bit of it , cant stop playing it

TOO PAWNED3286d ago

I preordered it and got it today...i think that says a lot...already successful IP, seem a lot of people are buying it, might see KZ2 numbers, which for new IP is amazing...

raztad3286d ago

My copy is about to arrive. I just cant wait for this game.

I hope it breaks the one million milestone, so a sequel is granted. inFaMOUS universe is very expandable. SP got a powerful franchise, the second installment will be even more awesome, taking into account that this is SP first PS3 game.

ehkinoh3285d ago

Expected inFamous to be good, but not this addictive!

Alcohog3286d ago

Awesome, awesome game. I played the sheeeeeeeet out of the demo. The full game is pretty slick. It is a lot of fun to move around the environments -Sucker Punch really nailed the gameplay on this one. I can't wait until this weekend when I can really sink my teeth into the title!

Kurisu3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

I just read on the PS Forums that we have to buy the blades with EXP in the game. The should be at the far right on the "powers" menu. If you downloaded the code before you played the game (like me) and it doesn't show in the menu, then try re-installing the code (from the PS Store download list). I'll have to try this out later. Oh you beat me to it, haha. Thanks :D

@Wibble: Ugh, what? I think the graphics in this game are really good.