PlayStation Home has been downloaded 6.5 million times

In an interview with Sony's Home director Peter Edward on, it's been reported that the Second Life-style MMO/social network application for PS3 has been downloaded 6.5 million times.

In the interview, Edward comments that revenue will become an important part of Home before going on to say,

"...our belief is that if you make the community happy, and get good content on to the platform, if you get a platform that people want to keep coming back to, then the monetisation aspect of it will almost take care of itself."

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Raoh3402d ago

seems kind of low for a free service. people arent really giving it a chance. then again sony needs to step up home support more as well.

more interactive home spaces.

home spaces should be released on day or week of the release of a game not 6 months later.

waiting on line to access doors, games, etc sucks.

its a cool service and i check it out weekly but it needs a little more polish.

-EvoAnubis-3401d ago

Is it worth....what? It's FREE.

Sarick3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

They removed the voice chat because lag and abuse. Why didn't they set a rating so only mature audiences would still have access to public voice chat. Would solve the whole age barrier that existed with some users violating the Term of service, without screwing over the users who can handle a little mature words.

Anon19743402d ago

I thought that was quite something for a social networking service in it's Beta stage. I've played around with it a bit myself (liked the Xi section) and I think it's coming along nicely. It's certainly improved leaps and bounds from when the beta first started.

36T3402d ago

How long has Home been in it's Beta stage and when will this Beta stage end?

snaz273402d ago

well that is a weird question because it depends on whether you mean the closed beta or the open beta?... the open beta (everyone can use) was only opened the very end of last year... when will it end? thats up to sony, maybe we will hear more about it at E3... xi puzzle seems to be leading up to E3 so maybe that has something to do with it... and to answer your comment down below... you kinda answered it yourself! its for chilling out and chatting to a very wide variety of people from all over the world about games etc, (although ive had discussions about all sorts of things on there, politics, religion everything lol) and while your there you can play a little mini game, and its all free and always expanding! is it perfect? no but what is? and to say if ms does it you will cry is just plain dumb! its free you dont have to have it! its down to you, i think 6.5 million is great numbers and should deffinately secure some brillinat new content from the likes of sega, ea, amd many more developers.

Daoshai3402d ago

think it's been opened longer than the end of last year, since I haven't played since I've moved and that was in april of last yr. So, its been over a year in open beta.

chrisnick3402d ago

the smart ones among us would want it to stay in beta, then we (the home community) would have more of a say as to what home needs or doesn't need. If its no longer in beta, I think the amount of "freedom" in their ideas would decrease, thus decreasing the chances of us seeing alot of ideas that could potentially make home a force to be reckoned with. I mean, look at Gmail. its still in beta, and i refuse to use anything else.

Kyur4ThePain3401d ago

As long as it takes.
Did you realize that N4G is still in beta?

-EvoAnubis-3401d ago

Gmail and are also in beta.

snaz273401d ago

erm i think i know what the hell im talking about mate no offence like... but i had been waiting for home for about a year!... if you want the exact date it went into open beta it was DECEMBER 11TH 2008 so if you were playing it (although im sure using it would be more appropriate as its not a game) you must have been in the closed beta... if you dont believe me google it! or if you have proof that it was opened before december 11th 2008 please feel free to show us? my god as if i would make it up lol

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Automat3402d ago

5 of them are mine... eu, us, jap, singapore, hongkong... and i don't use any of them on a regular basis... most people i know with a ps3 havn't downloaded it at all, and probably won't. ever. unless it suddenly gets useable...

Sony Rep3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

You can only download the Home install once unless you delete the data and redownload it. Even with multiple accounts you don't get prompted to download the intial install.

These are unique downloads; as in, per PS3 .

36T3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

I'm actually surprised that number isn't higher. 6.5 million for something that is free to download is not exactly good numbers but they are not bad either. Personally, i found it to be a huge waste of time when i used it a while ago and have not been interested since. Why go chill out in Home when you could play REAL games is what i don't understand. If Xbox LIVE follows up with something similar, i think i will cry.

Pennywise3402d ago

Why play shooters when you can go outside and REALLY shoot someone?

Sony Rep3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

6.5 in six months since it started is pretty great. Home is an expanding platform that in the future will offer something for everyone. It's not at that place yet, but it's showing signs of great things to come.

Lots of customization options, lots of game events, picture frames for your apartment coming, in- game music coming, party chat over Home, the return of public voice chat, unique game unlocks for Home etc

Christopher3401d ago

but I was in recently to grab my free homespace just in case I ever use Home and was surprised to see how many people were logged in doing various things.

adnanrules3402d ago

Whats the big deal, you have home when you update! what a stupid article

Anon19743402d ago

There's an icon for it, but you still have to click on it, sign up and download.