Gamer Limit Guide: Getting An Education In Games Development

Gamer Limit writes: "So you're thinking of becoming a games developer in one of the numerous fields that go into creating a game. Awesome. So you're pondering going to university to study at one of the many, and growing in number, campuses that offer a course in Games Design, Art, Programming or a similarly named course.

Fantastic. But what should you know about the university you are applying to? Gathered here is some advice that will hopefully land you on the best course available to you."

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Clance3343d ago

I just wish I had the know-how from an earlier age... On the other hand, it may take the romance of games away for me!

chrisjc3343d ago

This is pretty interesting. It seems rather...hard.

Tito Jackson3343d ago

but not hard. you could do it. :)

AcesAndEights3343d ago

Same with any job really, almost anyone can do it, but you have to be willing to put the time and effort into honing your craft, and then once you have the skills, double that time and double that effort into being able to produce the quality of work that people expect in a AAA game.

Homicide3343d ago

Thanks for the inspiration Tito Jackson.