38 Studios Acquires Big Huge Games

WorthPlaying writes: "38 Studios has acquired Big Huge Games, previously an internal studio for THQ, including all of its proprietary IP, tools, technology, assets, and works-in-progress. The acquisition is a critical step in 38 Studios' strategy to deliver a broad range of entertainment products centered on its original fantasy IP, codenamed Copernicus."

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BlackIceJoe3401d ago

This to me is excellent news. Big Huge Games has made some really great games and to hear they will live on is awesome news. I think this is great news because 38 Studios gets a great developer studio. Plus it allows both 38 and BHG to have new tech to work with and also some really great developers so I bet there will be some great things come out of this. So I can't wait to see what will come out of this.