Gamespot Hands-On Preview of Wii Motion Plus

Sarju Shah writes for Gamespot:

"Our first experiences with the MotionPlus were at E3 2008 with Wii Sports Resort. When you're throwing the Frisbee in the Disc Dog game, the MotionPlus' sensor detects how you're holding the disc in your hand. Rotating your wrists causes the Frisbee to rotate up or down onscreen in response. The Wii Remote, MotionPlus, and Nunchuk become handle bars in the Power Cruising Jet Ski racing game. Rotating the Wii Remote with the MotionPlus attached activates the throttle just like on a motorcycle or personal water scooter.

Grand Slam Tennis incorporates many new controls to better simulate an actual tennis match. The MotionPlus accurately represents both forehand and backhand shots. The added sensitivity gives gamers better ball placement on the court, and rotational controller movement adds spin to shots. Opinions varied from editor to editor, but most liked the added control schemes. Lazy gamers might have trouble though. The small movements you could get away with in Wii Sports Tennis definitely won't cut it in Grand Slam Tennis with the MotionPlus attached.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 makes use of the MotionPlus by giving you the ability to more precisely hit the ball. The game brings a new HUD element specifically for the MotionPlus that incorporates draw and fade capabilities. Twisting the controller either clockwise or counterclockwise determines which way the golf club head rotates in real time. While our golf skills aren't necessarily up to par, it wasn't difficult to take advantage of the new control scheme. Simple onscreen controls gave feedback on what we were doing (and more likely what we were doing wrong)."

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