Sunny, Not Raiden, Will Star in Next MGS?

Gamervision writes: "Last night we reported that the Kojima countdown would end during Sony's press conference after finding an image of Raiden in Famitsu. We were sleepy, it was late, and we didn't realize something: that's not Raiden. If you look closely - look at the eyes - you can see that it's actually Metal Gear Solid IV's Sunny."

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Kain813281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

is it Official or is that your Opinion?
It would be Cool if it is a PS3 exclusive cause i dont want a Dumped down MGS.

morganfell3281d ago

Indications from Famitsu are that it is a Sony exclusive.

Kojima said in the interview that it is a new system. Sony and it's a new system? What better way to push the new PSP2 than with a totally new game in the Metal Gear universe that is interactive with the PS3 version. It just seems logical.

Kain813281d ago

But Sev said that the New PSP is not a PSP2, more a Redesigne of the PSP without UMD, but with 8 and 16GB flash Drive.

steel213281d ago

It may not be for the psp GO!, Metal Gear games take years to develop and it could be a launch title for the actual psp 2.

killax35633281d ago

Plausible and interesting theory.

How much you want to bet that older Sunny will have an ultra, smoking hot body?

How awkward would that be?..... You see Sunny as an innocent little girl in MGS4 and then as an uber hot chick in MGS5 (or whatever they call it).

Mainman3281d ago

I hope its not for PSP though. Its uncomfortable gaming on PSP and I rather have Kojima pro working on a console game instead of wasting there time on a handheld game.

Plus from the renders of Raiden and Big Boss look better than MGS4 renders, so I am thinking it is a PS3 game.

Killjoy30003281d ago

Wouldn't it be great if the project was a remake of both Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake?

zoneofenders3281d ago

plz............kojima means the game will have a new system...

Nodoze3281d ago

I don't see anything to indicate that this title is for the PS3. The original rumor from long ago was that the 360 would get MGS (not MGS 4, but a new Raiden specific MGS). Um this appears to be it. Additionally the rumour went on to report that the PS3 would get some form of DLC for MGS4 (including the long awaited trophy patch).

I have a feeling that there will be a ton of unhappy folks come E3 when Kojima is on stage with MS. I am sure they paid a devil's fortune to make it happen...but alas I think it has.

zoneofenders3281d ago

There is 0 chance for it to be on XBOX360 exclusively and very low chance for multiplatform(at least not in japan)
you can check the scan of famitsu PS and famitsu Xbox in june.

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GrieverSoul3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Interesting theory from this site but I think the RAIDEN picture isn´t very feminin. But then again Raiden isnt very Masculin...

I´m confused! This EMO characters are hard to judge!

Also, everyone seem to discard a "symbol" in Raiden´s picture. Why is he covering is left eye?! What could that possibly mean?!

OFFTOPIC: I think thats not Raiden but Kakashi with the sharingan ready to kick patriots a**!

For the lulz!!!

Dir_en_grey3281d ago

Little Raiden Jr.!!
7 years after MGS4, rapid aging? Perfect Fit!!
Hehe well I'm not serious about that but just throwing another option out there. Well he IS a cyborg so maybe he can change his eye color to whatever he likes? =)

Been trying to reck my brain the whole night on who the Big Boss like picture could be if it's not Big Boss... I do wish for a Big Boss' new Outer Heaven Saga, but if it's not Big Boss then my only conclusion was that another clone was made from Solid after he died, rapid aged cuz of Foxdie...

Knowing how Kojima likes to fxck w/ people all the time, I can't wait to see the explanation he has for all these though =)

tiamat53281d ago

Sunny? As a cyborg ninja? Interesting. Maybe that 's why it's raining. When they reveal the game the rain will probably stop and the sun will come out. Get it? Rainy then Sunny. At first i thought it was raining because of Raiden's name (God of Rain and Lightning. After Old Snake it would be nice to see grown up Sunny fighting in tight body armor.

LONEWOLF2313281d ago

Now this i can agree with sir.
Didnt Olga wore a similar suit to Grey Fox in MGS2???
Maybe sunny dons Raiden's suit. But we will see what happens.

MetalGearBear 3281d ago

it sunny?
it raiden's son?
it grey fox?
i am confused!!

Pintheshadows3281d ago

Sunny will be the ultimate ninja egg frying queen. Tactical Egg Making Action confirmed.

GrieverSoul3281d ago

Oh my God! It a wii game name Advanced-egg-frying-tactical-e spionage-simulation! Who start as a cook in a fancy restaurant in order to infiltrate outer heaven!

pwnsause3281d ago

that would blow cooking mama out of the water.

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