The PC As Champion of the Revolution

Is the PC 'ground zero' of the current indie video game revolution? In this column, Phill Cameron examines how the platform made possible a 'crescendo' of independent gaming from novelty into subgenre.

Phill Cameron: "It all started here. Decades ago, games were made on the first computers, on the Amigas and Commodores that took only a few people to develop, putting in long hours to come up with innovative ways to make pixels move on the screen.

Then the big money came in, buying up the talent and churning out Triple A titles like there's no tomorrow. Games and game development stayed insular for the longest time, just because it took so long to learn how to make the games. By the time you knew how, you were already part of the system. And then things got a little easier, and that's when things got really interesting."

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