Research Firm Expect New PSP Announcement At E3

Macquarie Research is banking on Sony announcing the heavily rumoured PSP revamp that will feature a none-UMD design at E3 next week. Sony has previously denied any such rumours of an improved PSP on the way. The research firm went on to state the new PSP could cost more than the existing model...

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Sev3372d ago

It is true. It's called the PSP Go

Sarcasm3372d ago

Maybe the new PSP metal gear game will take advantage of the newer hardware?

Imagine PS2.5 graphics on the go!

Sev3372d ago

Nope its still based off the current PSP processor.

Shadow Man3372d ago

is it to put a second analog stick.

likedamaster3372d ago

Btw, it's technically an analog nub. Here's something interesting

spunnups3372d ago

Isn't that a bad business move. There's too many games on the PSP horizon to announce a new system now.

D4RkNIKON3372d ago

They will be backward compatable somehow. They aren't that dumb. I was hoping MS was going to put out a cool handheld but that zune HD doesn't have buttons let alone analog sticks. It might be powerful, but I will stick with my PSP.

Sev3372d ago

It's just a new design. It's not a PSP 2. It's the PSP Go.

WAR_MACHINE773372d ago

I've heard word that sony is planning to put stations in stores like walmart and gamestop that can transfer your umds to the HDD on the new psp.

shadowtron3372d ago

I would be surprised if they provided a UMD transfer service as it would be impossible to stop lots of PSP Go owners taking copies of one person's UMD copy of a game.

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3372d ago

these analyst make so many wrong statements on Nin/Sony/MS that it puts into question the quality of their work.

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