European WoW Account Merge - StarCraft II Beta Soon

Blizzard Entertainment has just added the WoW Account merge feature on their European accounts.

While the Americans have been able to merge WoW accounts with their new all-inclusive accounts since March, European players just got the chance a few minutes ago.

Earlier this month, Blizzard's RTS community manager Kevin Yu also confirmed that the anticipated StarCraft II beta test would start after this change was implemented.

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Redrudy3407d ago

Good news on both accounts.

Raf1k13407d ago

I just tried getting on the and I get a 403 Forbidden message. Whats up with that?

kerriganss3407d ago

The final stretch!

God, any1 else feel the blood pumping? ;)

Terrice3407d ago

The beta is getting close!

SCFreelancer3407d ago

You know, the sentence "final strech" got a whole new meaning after it was applied to Starcraft 2 :/

JonahNL3407d ago

I'm going apeshit here! I want that beta! ^_^

Leord3407d ago

@ SCFreelancer - Lol indeed!

Fyzzu3407d ago

Haven't we been saying "the final stretch" for a loooong time, now? And hasn't every single Starcraft news announcement for about the past year been followed by comments that this must mean the beta's starting soon?

I'm as hopeful as anyone, and this another step down the road, but I'm not going to let myself get excited :p

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SCFreelancer3407d ago

I didn't expect that! I thought this would be implemented after the start of the US SC2 beta... Nice though :D

JonahNL3407d ago

Yeah, I never thought we were actually that close to the beta!

Leord3407d ago

No, I was thinking it would not start until well after US beta.

Perhaps US/EU beta time diff will be shorter too?

JonahNL3407d ago

That is totally friggin' awesome. I've been waiting for that for ages now. I love and all its features so far, so I'm off to merge my account! ^_^

SCFreelancer3407d ago

Same, although I don't even know what the use is of merging my WoW account with

JonahNL3407d ago

Well, it allows you to combine everything with your account, so you don't have like a gazillion accounts. One for SCII, one for WoW and so on... It's handy. =)

Leord3407d ago

@ SCFreelancer - It's more for the use of Blizzard, really. But as the other guy said, it will be easier to manage all your WoW accounts at once. We'll likely see the forums move over to from the wow site as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.