Free Realms surpasses two million, one third female

Free Realms has now romped to two million players, where 75 per cent are under 17-years-old.

After only just a week after an announcement that the free-to-play game Free Realms had reached one million unique users, Sony Online Entertainment has announced that the game now homes two million players.

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hitthegspot3401d ago

1/3 are men pretending to be females.

Deviant3401d ago

Just like here 2/3 are fanboys pretending to be gamers

Cwalat3401d ago

Deviant, couldn't agree more.

on the subject, very great... hope it gets well known..
and i will no doubt try it out with my younger sister when it comes to PS3.

she will love it...

techie3401d ago

1/3 don't know the difference between males and females.

heyheyhey3401d ago

good to see the momentum isn't slowing..

creeping judas3401d ago

I don't know what to do. As an older adult male, I enjoy playing MMO's. And have spent alot of time with Lord of The Rings Online. I've been really wanting to play a MMO on a console. Do I pick up free realms when it comes out?? Or pass on it due to the age category that this intended for??

3401d ago
creeping judas3401d ago

so it definatly is out on the PS3 or are you talking about the PC version?

techie3401d ago

PS3 version isn't out until autumn.

raztad3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

When you go casual MASSIVE stuff happens! A good game to play with your girlfriend. Im not into hardcore mmos so this could suit me very well and it got the right price. :D