Naked Snake's Role Decoded From Kojima Viral

SKAOR! writes "The teaser timer finally did reveal Kojima's next project starring both Raiden(In the Famitsu issue) and Big Boss. With the inclusion of the legendary Big Boss the timeline of the series has come under scrutiny, the Famitsu interview hints that the next game shall tie both Raiden and Boss stating a similar transcription of events showcasing both past and future events in the entire Metal Gear Series.This may be a cross platform game arriving on perhaps Kojima's favorite piece(s) of hardware. Apart from the Famitsu interview being decoded, here is some confirmation of Big Boss being a part of this project and its connection with outer haven."

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GrieverSoul3222d ago

Uhmmm... Kojima refers to him as "Old man."
Carefull! Kojima might be leading us to jump conclusions as he always does! (And we love it dont we?!)

gamesmaster3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

i just posted this in a similar thread..

i think ts the big boss, if you've read the metal gear database, you would be familiar with this passage. This is a massive plot sequence leading on from the events of operation snake eater (MGS3) when snake was in his fifties, take note after he lost his right eye. Also after assuming command of special forces group FOXHOUND.

the passage..

"In 1972, he provided his genes to the patriots for thier les enfant terribles project. Three clones of big boss were created. however, Big boss himself was outraged by the way his DNA was used and broke off from the patriots. he became a lone soldier drifting from country to coutry.
He joined LRRO (long-range reconnaissance patrol) in vietnam and fought alongside SOG (special operations group), The green berets, and the wild Geese. Later, he became a mercenary who appeared in numerous territorial and ethnic conflicts around the world. He achieved near-mythical status. after that, he served as a combat instructor and worked to reintegrate former child soldiers into society."

now that right there is a killer story line for MGS5...

QSPR3222d ago

People forgot the PERFECT clone??? solidus?? maybe is a remake.. dam you kojima always playing with our minds!!! Kojima is the BEST

jammy_703222d ago

hope its ps3 excusive so he can fit more on the disc :)

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281219863222d ago

its what he shows is pretty simple, the teasers right from GDC always pointed towards Raiden and it did fiannly culminate into him, now its Big Boss and it has something major to do with him...

MGS_fanatico_3222d ago

That "map" looks like a skull! =)
F*cking awesome!

281219863222d ago

the Initial logo of the Bosses program was a skull...

hay3222d ago

Acutally I had hard time identifying that skull as a world map...

kratos1233222d ago

wow best theory out here every body has to read this

281219863222d ago

It actually has facts from Kojima's games...

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