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Submitted by GavinMannion 2452d ago | rumor

Next Xbox to include 300 000 player MMO?

According to a job posting on, Microsoft are looking to hire a server developer who can help them create an application for the next Xbox which will cater for 300 000 simultaneous online users.

Not only that but they will need to be versed in anti-cheating skills as this new application may involve real money.

Have Microsoft decided to turn the dashboard into a MMO all of it's own? (Xbox 360)
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UltimateIdiot911  +   2452d ago
Hmmm, this sounds an awful lot like Home on the PS3.
Sez  +   2452d ago
"this sounds an awful lot like Home on the PS3" ah you do know sony wasn't the first company to do this. in fact sony copied from other that do the same on PC'S with MMO. like second life,sims online,and many more.

i think you need to stop thinking sony created everything. and beside home sucks major B's. anything would be an improvement. imho
UltimateIdiot911  +   2452d ago
What I'm saying is that there is so much hate on Home, yet it's okay and accepted if Microsoft does it. I never said Sony is the first to make an MMO.
Sez  +   2452d ago
the reason so many people hate on home and fanboys hyped the hell out of home.just to get whats out now. all the thing fanboys where hyping. video sharing,trophy room,ect. yet none of it's in the same sonyfanboys are crying " oh it's a beta give it some time it will get better".

and who has accepted this and said it was OK???. all i see is this is a rumor not conformation that the next xbox would be doing this. there no proof that MS is doing a MMo for the next xbox. yet the first thing you come out with is "this sounds an awful lot like Home on the PS3". yet home only has uptil 64 players on one server not 300,000. so how does it sound like home.

you would have been better off saying this is a second life clone or a sim online clone. but yet you say it sounds like home. thats why i said sony wasn't the first to do it.
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OmarJA  +   2452d ago
Well it's just happen that Sony has created on of the best MMORPG ever in the Past...

Godmars290  +   2452d ago
I think you and others need to stop bashing an idea Sony came up with, even if they're copying it, right up until the time MS does the exact same thing.
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All Time Greatness  +   2452d ago
Might I ask how this sounds anything even remotely like Home or anything PS3 related? Sure doesn't to me.

I read this from the article:

” building a back end capable of hosting a 300,000 player game in real-time with real money on the line”

"Now there is no current gen game that is anywhere close to hosting 300,000 players at one time and the fact that they are talking about real money makes me think that they are planning for the next Xbox to host an immersive MMO title with gambling options. What other type of game allows for up to 300,000 players to be online at one time?"

I didn't know you could have 300,000 people at a time in a Home environment....I thought it was around 50-100 per room. Also move money between that many people?? You can't.

This might be a Dashboard feature also. I think it's safe to say Microsoft will be looking to outperform Playstation Home with the next Xbox.
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Eiffel  +   2452d ago
What made Home a success again? I'm being serious I can't see it.
Xbox Street Gang  +   2452d ago
The constant and many publishers supporting it...
raztad  +   2452d ago
There are several reasons.

Its a success for Sony. They are making money. I guess MS want its part of the pie.

Its a success for players. If you want to check it out. Log in Home, and go to the Resistance space, later go to Siren space, you will see they are real crowded. I was only in those, but I heard EA complex is amazing.

Wow, I almost forgot. Resistance and other games are supporting game launching. Home is becoming a fully finally realized idea. Very successful one IMO.

MS is a company, they want make money you know? they will follow suit.
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Eiffel  +   2452d ago
I only made the statement based on the lack of news I hear about it. I may try it out. I just like the simplicity of logging on and playing my game and maybe sending my friend whose online a text message. I'm an old fashioned gamer and the idea of Home never appealed to me like it does for young gamers.
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iDystopia  +   2452d ago
lol What does this even have to do with PS3???

This is talking about a 300,000 person MMO... where you can exchange money. This says nothing about a stiff virtual world where you bowl with 30-40 people in a room....while text chatting and pushing buttons for uncanny valley emoticons.

Seriously Sony fanboys, get over yourselves. So many of you have a chip on your shoulder.

This does sounds like a wayyyy bigger project than Playstation Home, though. I can see why you you would want to pretend like Home is somehow related to this. :)
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xwabbit  +   2452d ago
People say home is awful but when u enter home u see its full lol, that doesn't make sense huh.
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The Lazy One  +   2452d ago
where did this home come from?

U know what else copies home? Call of duty. People interact in real time in a realistic 3d environment in that. TOTALLY A HOME RIP OFF.
KaBaW  +   2452d ago
@UltimateIdiot911 -
How do you figure? What makes you think it's similar to Home?
Cause of a concept? I guess all FPSs are the same then, eh?
Tony P  +   2451d ago

If it's like Home, I'm not going in and I hope it's an optional download like Home so I can skip it. The idea of it sounds awesome on paper, but in practice I find it completely uninteresting like a full 3D chatroom.
Megatron08  +   2451d ago
OmarJA I'll agree that Everquest was one of the best MMO ever made (its kind of dead now). However Sony did not create everquest it was made by a company called Verant. I think that eq was also the 1st mmo to you 3d graphics.

This article seems to be nothing more then guess work. It says they are making and mmo then it says that they might just have 300k on the dash board. If its a true mmo then it will be nothing like home. To be honest I dont see the point of even trying to guess what this will be like. The next xbox is so far away that its not worth worrying about

Oh and I seriously doubt you be able to "put real money on the line" there are way to many leagl issues they have to deal with
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SL1M DADDY  +   2451d ago
So behind all teh Home hate...
There is enough love for such a product at MS that they might well be creating their own virtual social network? Glad to see Sony laid the groundwork on a console version for MS to copy. Hope it works for them. That way, those of us that know the value of Home can serve up a few plates of crow to all the naysayers here that said Home was silly and irrelevant.
JaggedSac  +   2451d ago
This sounds more like an extension of Primetime to me fellas. In fact, this service will probably encompass all of the Primetime games. Especially the stuff about scheduling and messages to friends. There will be money on the line in those games. Seems like M$ is expecting Primetime to take off.
cherrypie  +   2451d ago
@1 & 1.2

Did you say that Home was unique, or "the first"? No. But as 1.1 pointed out, Home isnt unique. It isnt new at all.

For you to compare this posting to "home" is clearly an attempt for you to imply that Sony is being "copied". Sony copied SL, The Sims and a dozen other VR-worlds that came before.

That said, this article is truely reaching. It sounds like a position for PrimeTime development. For *this* generation, not Xbox Next.

1 vs 100 meets all these criteria. 300000 uers? Check. Real money? Check.

Champions Online, APB, Huxley and other games will be MMO titles *this* gen.
Ven1000  +   2451d ago
If you think Home sucks then you're a fool. Home has been successful since its open Beta release on Dec 16th and now you have more and more 3rd parties picking it up and adding their own support. Home will continue to grow despite some of you naysayers think.
Elven6  +   2451d ago
What on earth are you talking about? The description is obviously hinting at a gameshow type thing like 1 vs 100 on a much larger scale.

"building a backend capable of hosting a 300,000 player game in real-time with real money on the line"

Note the last 6 words..
Ahmay  +   2451d ago
300,000 MMO with real money on the line.....
sounds like a lot of people will be screwing themselves over, financially.... ms wins again...
Xiru  +   2451d ago
Verant Entertainment (Brad McQuaid) actually made Everquest. Sony was only the publisher at first but then they bought out Everquest and made it suck. Well Rallos Zek anyway (No more item loot). But yes, Everquest imo is the best MMO ever created. I currently play WoW because that is where everyone else is at, but it has never come close to the same feeling I had in Everquest on the Rallos Zek server. Now back on point. This sounds like a Home clone. Given Microsoft's history of copycat tactics, I'm willing to bet that is exactly what this is. I feel Home will eventually become something great, but as other users above have stated, it was hyped way too much. I log in about once a month. There just isn't enough in there to keep me occupied. They should add mini games that actually unlock stuff in real games. Something that is worth doing in Home.
xjoshbx  +   2451d ago
You my friend are the one that sounds and probably is a fanboy. What he said shouldn't have triggered such a reaction from you. Of course sony didn't invent the first MMO but he's looking at this as a console base... Home is like an MMO dashboard for the ps3, this sounds like a possible mmo for the 360 dashboard. Thats how it's relative... not a game completely... just a social commute for the console.
UltimateIdiot911  +   2451d ago
Thank you for understanding. So far, Sony insist on building a community and social network through Home by placing players in games with the common interest, in which Home's case would be the PS3. I enjoy Home and I see many other PS3 owners who do also.

The media and many gamers alike have deemed Home as a failure. Microsoft themselves recognize that a MMO for social networking on console is not a bad idea and there is profit to be earn. I applaud them for that.
TheDude2dot0  +   2451d ago
Yeah this is not like Runescape (gayest game ever), it's more like online poker.
Sez  +   2451d ago
so because it's related to the dashboard. you automaticlly asume it's copying home right? or are you just making excuses to justify his coment? like i said sony wasn't the first to do a MMO. especailly on console. because phantasy star online- which is on the 360. you also have FFxI online. which is also on the 360/ps2/PC. and his comment had nothing to do with the dashboard excuse. i think you might want to reread both his comments.

and if you think i'm a fanboy. then yes i am. much like much of the people on this site. including the one you are trying to defend. the news has nothing to do with Home. so why bring it up. like i stated in my comment. again he would had been better say second life clone or sim's online or one of the other two i mentioned. but he didn't.

Edit: last time i checked. home was free and only deals with real money when you buy cloth,club house,house,furniture,ECT. again where in the article did it mention they was going to use real money to purchase item in this rumored MMO?
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Green Lantern2  +   2452d ago
lol you do know sims,second life was out before home right so MS is not copying Sony.
Sony Rep  +   2452d ago
Sony was the first to do it on consoles and that's no easy undertaking.

By the time this comes out, Home will be light years ahead of the competition. Sorry. it is what it is
Sez  +   2452d ago
@Sony Rep
"By the time this comes out, Home will be light years ahead of the competition. Sorry. it is what it is". lmfao. are you serious. home can't even get out of the beta stage let alone be light years ahead of anything. by the time this comes out (IF the rumor is true) will have alot of thing home has and way more.
iDystopia  +   2452d ago
hahaha Sony Rep is such a little kid. He thinks Sony is doing something cutting-edge with Home when in reality it has been constantly slammed about how crap/boring it is. Sony is nowhere near number one in online.
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Xbox Street Gang  +   2452d ago
If it was so crap, why is every major publisher supporting it? Why is it always packed with people? Why did EA just release two custom made game spaces for it?? Why is Capcom adding game rewards for Home? Why are movies like Star Trek hosting events and interviews?? Your logic is flawed like your brain cells....
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xwabbit  +   2452d ago
lol u rlly dk what ur talking about huh, go to home right now, cus i am. I see a lot of people, so what r u talking about ? do u even own a ps3 and go to home ? If home is so bad y do it has over 50 publishers behind it ? have u even go to the new EA home space to make that statement >?
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Sitdown  +   2451d ago
So just because..
50 developers support Home, that means its good? I could cost developers little to no money/work to add items to home...........and if so, why not spend a couple of your dollars for advertising?
Ven1000  +   2451d ago
@ Sitdown aka 2.6
The fact that Home is always full of people and the fact that so many 3rd party publishers are supporting it OBVIOUSLY means Home is doing something right. Again, within the first 3 weeks of open beta, with home having minimal spaces, it generated over 1.5 million dollars.

Man you naysayers really need to get a reality check. You want to claim that Homes sucks but everything points otherwise.
Elven6  +   2451d ago
MMORPG's, more specifically Phantasy Star have been doing something similar on consoles for a while now.
Arnon  +   2451d ago
"Sony was the first to do it on consoles and that's no easy undertaking."

Are you referring to the sense that Sony was the first to make a unified online service? Because that would go to the Xbox Original.
7thNightvolley  +   2451d ago
i dont get it
Y the hell do ppl thnk this has anything to do with home .? what? huh? 300,000 players MMO exchange money and u think home more of gambling if u ask me.. maybe a poker online thing.. coz from what i see they aer looking for someone with ASP.NET which is what i am studying in university. so it has something to do with online gambling or 1 vs 100.. and not HOME.. stop it sony fanboys. please.
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matt247  +   2452d ago
hosting 300,000 player with real money sounds like 1 vs 100 or a new primetime game
Ashriel  +   2452d ago
more like 1 vs 299999 xD

iDystopia  +   2452d ago
This is for the next Xbox. It's going to be something awesome and new.
qface64  +   2452d ago
the things that some people are saying are kind of dumb
by the time this comes out it will surpass home YES (not that hard to do if you ask me)
but by the time this does come out sonys next console will be down the road and then its gonna surpass this thing then its just gonna keep going back and forth over and over

also i don't know if its gonna be a dashboard thing or an actual mmo game but if it is just an mmo then 300,000 players isn't impressive at all since actual mmo's have no limit again that is if its an mmo game
EYEamNUMBER1  +   2452d ago
well of course its gonna be new? its not like its gonna be old?
iDystopia  +   2452d ago
This is from the Job listing...

"We are building the games, the console interface and logic, and the server support for all of this. Both the games and the dashboard experience will be deeply paired with dynamic server support to create a compelling, fresh scenario each time. We are a small, entrepreneurial team working together to get things done very quickly in an agile environment. If you want to work in a space where you will get all the responsibility you can swallow, and run as fast as you can, this team is for you.

We want an experienced server developer to help develop our server architecture. We are building an extremely high performance system to extend console games to the server in new ways; creating a completely new set of web services to support dynamic programming information of games and scheduling data; integration with the Xbox LIVE services and infrastructure to deliver an end-to-end architecture with our partners. You will be designing and coding our platform with C#, working with Ops to deploy an instrumented and monitored system, working with our tools team to enable others to work with our platform, in short everything it takes to create and ship a product with a small team. Some sample requirements will include listing of current events hosted by our server environment, interacting with my schedule and my friend’s schedules to play together, and building a backend capable of hosting a 300,000 player game in real-time with real money on the line (anti-cheating, etc)."

Microsoft is the biggest Software giant in the World, Sony makes electronics. They are making this technology....if you read that. Sony has even said Home will continue on their next console...this is probably going to be something completely new...a continuation of Xbox Live is some crazy way....and just like with Xbox Live, it could be hard to copy.

Sony isn't Microsoft when it comes to software.
qface64  +   2452d ago
you know microsoft isn't microsoft anymore when it comes to software
*points at windows vista* .___.
36T  +   2451d ago
@ qface64
Vista could be considered flop, what's you're point? Has anyone come up with anything better? It still doesn't change the fact that MS is a software giant. What about Windows 7? So far so good in my books. Anything you would like to say about that?

As for these comparisons with HOME, IMO you people are so lost it's not even funny. HOME is pure trash no matter how many losers with no lives visit that awful place. Will it get better? My answer to that would be, how could it get worse? No matter how many hundreds of twelve years olds spend their time sitting in a lobby, waiting to play some terrible looking bowling game or just sitting on a bench in the middle of nowhere watching other losers dance with themselves, does not make HOME any better. Btw, how long has this been in it's beta stage?

The idea in this article will be nothing like HOME. atleast not as crappy. If it is, then it will not get my support. I would much rather play games then walk around in a virtual world doing nothing but counting how many people fill up each room like some people do from reading these comments. I have four friends with both consoles and all of them will honestly tell you that HOME is a huge waste of time.

Please Microsoft, we do not want that garbage anywhere near the 360 or any future consoles you may release.
Arnon  +   2451d ago
Pretty sure I'd trust Microsoft over Sony for software/servers/etc.
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2452d ago
@ vega75
your so fkn dumb . Really dude you sound so stupid . you think home is crap but your dumbazz has never been in home. todays typical fkn gamer. they don't know shlt . people visit home about 3 to 4 times a month . It something thats available to us for fkn free you fkn moron . I mean how stupid of a gamer are you to not think that . I dont want to go visit home everyday . i bought the ps3 to play games and blu ray but again stupid azz home is available to us for free. Have you check any of the rooms yourself . I bet fkn not .
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Sez  +   2451d ago
wow little boy. i think you need to calm down. all this cursing you are doing. only shows the level of maturity you have. home does suck. thats how i feel. yes i went in after i downloaded it. had it for a few days. then deleted it off my HDD. because i felt it was a waste and a friend of my that also has a ps3 felt the same as i did. so not everyone is happy or cares about home as you do. regardless if it's free or not.

maybe you need to learn how to have a conversation with people without having to curse people out to state a point. it's my opinion about what i like and don't like. i don't care what you like just as you may feel the same about what i like. get over yourself. and just because lot of people are on home doesn't mean it's the best thing out. thats one of the biggest problem with you sonyfanboys. the world doesn't revolve around you and sony. grow up
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Godmars290  +   2452d ago
??? The "Next" Xbox?!
Is MS actually talking about their next system openly?
Elven6  +   2451d ago
The Xbox 360/PS3/"Revolution" were being hinted at 3 years into last generations lifespan. I think I still have a few magazines somwhere from 2003/2004 talking about the then "next generation" of systems.
MetalGearBear  +   2452d ago
Xbox720 released after 2012 if we survived it.
Fact: Xbox360 is more easy hacked than PS3.
kaveti6616  +   2452d ago
Fact: the product with the largest share is usually the one that people want to exploit.
Hence, it's the reason why Apples have less viruses than Windows-based PCs.

It's the reason why Iphones are being jailbroken right and left.

It's the reason why Xbox 360s are modded.

Playstation 3 doesn't have a magic buffer around it. It can easily be hacked. The reason why it's not is because Sony has allowed owners to automatically install other Operating systems on it like Linux. It's also because Playstation 3s cost a buttload of money and no one wants to be stuck with a locked console. It's also because 360 is more known than PS3 because of the year head start and its larger market share in North America.

Fact... you fail.
36T  +   2451d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if the next Xbox came out before 2012. I wouldn't bet against a late 2010 or early 2011 release. It's too early to really talk about it but depending on how many years will be left with the PS3's "life cycle", if i were Sony, i would be worried.
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Shendow  +   2452d ago
MS it working on another failing idea, oh people talking about Home? did anyone know that Home was going to come to PS2 but didn't because PS2 lacks online like Xbox did? yep so Home is very old to the video game systems and as for 2nd Life. Well you can't say anything because PS3 is the 1st system an that is what most people are trying to say and I don't think 2nd Life lets you welcome people to play games online.
kaveti6616  +   2452d ago
Yes, actually it does allow you to invite other Second Life players to play games... so stop talking about things you don't know.
It's not smart to say you think something is a certain way and then pass that off as evidence.

If I say I think you're a douchebag, that cannot be used as a premise for you being a douchebag.

Example: "You are a douchebag because I think you are a douchebag."

Your failure: "Second Life doesn't allow players to invite each other to games because I don't think Second Life allows players to invite each other to games."

Do you understand how you fail? Because if you don't I can explain further.

Let's talk about your claim that Microsoft is working on another failing idea. Now I actually think Microsoft makes a lot of stupid decisions and will ultimately fail as a company (unless they change their business model), but to call this 300,000 player MMO a failing idea is a very ignorant conclusion. I wonder, if Sony had come out and said they were working on a 300,000 player MMO, what would you have thought?

I'm not much for predicting, and I don't want to commit a fallacy of logic here, but it seems to me that whenever Sony uses an idea that Microsoft comes up with, Sony fanboys praise Sony for being so clever and for making it better than Microsoft.

Exhibit A: Achievements. When Microsoft came up with mandatory game achievements for every game on the 360, Sony fanboys called it silly and useless. But when Sony countered with their trophy system, Sony fanboys said, "Oh, it's so much better than Achievements, lookie here."

Exhibit B: Party Chat. Microsoft's implementation of a Party Chat feature for XBL has been very much appreciated by the online community of Xbox, but many PS3 fanboys dismissed it. The first thing they say, and ignorantly I may add, is how annoying it is to hear a bunch of 12 year olds whining and screaming at the top of their lungs. What they fail to recognize is that party chat actually resolves this issue by allowing players to hear only their selected group of friends online. Of course, both voice chat and party chat have been heavily criticized by the fanboys (not the unbiased and kind PS3 owners, just people who have their heads up Sony's ass) for being disruptive and annoying. Instead, these fanboys reluctantly use text chat while secretly hoping for Party chat to be included in PS3s next firmware update.

So, I ask you, is it so wrong for Microsoft to try and one-up Sony with a massive MMO? Isn't competition all about rivals one-upping each other? Isn't that pretty much how we as gamers benefit and enjoy these features?

Before you call it a failing idea, how about you say something unbiased like, "Hey, I hope this works. I hope Microsoft succeeds in this very ambitious idea so that gamers can enjoy an enhanced experience."

/end rant
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TheBand1t  +   2452d ago
Oh man, this report user feature on N4G is awesome.
The Master Chief  +   2452d ago
Seriously. Cant 360 fans talk in any articles without this?

This says nothing about PS3 or any virtual second life wanna-be. Nothing about anything PS3 could even remotely do.

Why are these PS3 fanboys always so angry and worried/desperate acting? It's so ridiculous. I never even enter a PS3 article. Never.

I don't see 360 or Wii owners acting this way in PS3 articles. It's only the in Xbox 360 articles because PS3 owners are so angry.
TheBand1t  +   2452d ago
They're about the same when it comes to shïttiness. It's just there's a huge cluster of Sony loyals on N4G.

I've been to quite a few sites where 360 loyals troll it up with PS3 loyals. And quite a few where it's vice-versa.

Believe me, neither side are angels. I'm a PS3 fan who is awfully tired of seeing jackasses give my console of choice a bad name. Much like I bet 360 fans don't care much for guys who troll PS3 boards.

And Wii owners...well, they just mind their own business.
Munders12  +   2452d ago
@ The Master Chief
Read out loud what you just typed...

"I never even enter a PS3 article. Never."

and shortly afterwards...

"I don't see 360 or Wii owners acting this way in PS3 articles."

I'll let that sink in...
Funny thing is so far everyone agrees with him xD
very naive.
robotnik  +   2452d ago
He is voting himself.
BX81  +   2452d ago
@felinepornographer gotta be honest. My original xbox made it through two tours in korea one in Iraq and still works my first PS2 conked out in 2yrs. My 360 thats a different story. My PS3 works but I hardly ever play it. I played uncharted and that was pretty much it. I just broke it out for InFamous so I'm sure it will last for a long time.
beans  +   2452d ago
I remember someone from MS on my local news station talking about a new way of making games like fps's that will have no lag at all. He said something about gamers only having to load guns and bullets of other players rather than entire game worlds and such.
jessehaysfl  +   2452d ago
cherrypie  +   2451d ago

They mention "real money", and real-time. This is almost, without a doubt, related to Primetime.

Do you know how many people are going to play 1 vs. 100 during the opening season? 300,000 is conservative I'd wager.

That said, Huxley, APB and Champions Online will all be MMOs and none will deal with "real money prizes".

That said, second life on a console doesnt make a lot of sense, it didnt make sense when sony did it.
Shendow   2451d ago | Spam
Truthiness  +   2451d ago
This speculation is way off-base
The job position has nothing to do with the next Xbox, with a new MMO, or with any Home-like environment. The Server-Backed Games group is the Microsoft studio that is developing 1 vs. 100 and other similar mass participation casual games. That is the project being talked about here.
bjornbear  +   2451d ago
its UMAGH!!!
ULTRA MASSIVE ACTION GAME HOME!!! response to SONY's MAG and Home, where people all hang out until someone decides to kill everyone, it then turns into a fully fledged civil war where you can only leave once you have died or your account is deleted....

...many Xbox players will die of too much stress, starvation and horror! =O

....but seriously now...why is it for the next xbox? can't it be for this one?
bjornbear  +   2451d ago
To that disagree...
...and all others i offended (if i somehow did =P) i was kidding, this looks great, im glad MS is still advancing + MS isn't known for innovation, so people stop complaining "its copying" from Home, thats not taking this anywhere.

If anything it'll imrpove on it =)
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keysy420  +   2451d ago
sounds like home
XPC HARDonE  +   2451d ago
but its not home
sucks being banished to the open zone for a month, no one comes here.
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Kurylo3d  +   2451d ago
Whats this got to do with home?
Sounds to me that this is nothing like home.. sounds like its a 300,000 player mmo... u know... a game... that has 300,000 players fighting simultaneously... an actual mmo.

No as much as you wish home was an mmo.. its not... its a joke... id rather surf the web in a web browser... and chat on aim or yahoo... rather then waste my time walking around and talking with avatars in home.... very very boring...

Only people with NO lives ... and i mean NOOOOOO LIVES!!! Even log into home.
bigjclassic  +   2451d ago
I was a gaming retail manager that worked during the PS2 cycle.
Both PS2's and XB's were faulty as hell compared to the GBA/GCN. Xboxes were known to "overheat" and warp discs. The PS2 was the most noteworthy though with errors that were widely reported.

For those that were gaming back then go to the Nov 01, EGM. EGM stated themselves about the Original Xbox's reliability.

*on topic*

Im not going to say that MS is copying Home, since this is no real indication of a Home clone.
kewlkat007  +   2451d ago
"Now with the massive success of Home"
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36T  +   2451d ago
I laughed when i saw that also..
i just didn't feel the need to post a response because the guy is obviously delusional. "MASSIVE SUCCESS" LMAO! Why somebody would try to defend something that they know is a complete fail is a question i keep asking myself. Oh well, at least i got a good laugh!
ironwolf777  +   2451d ago
I'm just gonna throw this out there because I really don't know -
Why, oh why, do all these PS3 fanboys start chiming in with their fanboy warcry nonsense, WHEN THIS IS THE 360 SECTION!!
It seems EVERY time I want to check out a story and see the feedback I'm forced to sift through THE SAME OLD FANBOY TEARS.
I have a PS3 (haven't touched it since MGS4) but I like the 360 a whole lot more.
Don't these folks realize how gay it is to read the 360 comments just to pipe in with their whining and sh*t? Have they no shame?
Isn't their an underground section here where they can all wank eachother off to their hearts content and let us grown ups read the news??
Ninjamonkey  +   2451d ago
It sounds like home... But sooo much worse...

I mean one server with 100 or so people generally means tons of idiots giving out racial abuse, general abuse and just making @sses of themselves...

Though if those gys stay in home, and this xbox thing, it means less of them plague online games. Which is nice. Sonce home came out. The amount of times people have played soulja boy through their mics on COD4 has definately decreased XD
jinxS1591  +   2451d ago
hate doing this to the xbots
you do remember the survey that Microsoft was giving out it damn sure look like from it they was trying to copy home or bring something close to it for your avatars
Sez  +   2451d ago
I think you and others need to stop bashing an idea Sony came up with, even if they're copying it. are you serious. i mean for real are you serious. that has to be one of the stupidest comment i read on this site. sony copied this from sim online and second life. yet i surpose to give them props for it. yet MS may or may not be working on something that is much bigger (300,000 ppl) then home (64ppl).

had you have read my post without your fanboyism. maybe you have seen me say."you would have been better off saying this is a second life clone or a sim online clone". which means that if they copied anybody it would be those games. home isn't really anything to copy. i mean what does home have that anyone making a MMo would want. honestly. what???. instead of you trying to act like sony was the first to do this and the first to do that. you would realize that sony copied many other dev's just like MS,ninty,ect.
Crazyglues  +   2451d ago
Wow... this is big, sounds like they are going to beat Sony at their own game...
If you think about it this is just like home, except it might just do it right...

Now don't get me wrong I Love my PlayStation 3 and I do hate home, I just feel they did it all wrong...

But if I know Microsoft, I think they where probably looking at PS3's home and the Wii's thing and said we can do something in the middle by taking parts from both of these and making it work better.

For one the character features are done better on 360 then on home, if your honest with yourself, they are a little cooler and the whole customize experience is done really well.

Now if they do that with a market place with real money, they could make this really cool. Like a second Life where you could sell stuff and get paid for it...

Microsoft is making some serious moves with this idea. If they pull it off right, they might just beat Sony and Nintendo at their own game....IMO
Dimitri  +   2451d ago
"Wow... this is big, sounds like they are going to beat Sony at their own game... "

I dont know how you thought about that, HOME hasnt got a online limit.
Its been downloaded 6m times since the Open Beta was released. Other MMOs on PS3 wont even feature an online limit. Servers will expand as more users come and play the game. The more users- the better.

If they have 5 million people playing the game, the in-game advertising will bring a lot of bucks for SONY.

300.000 player MMO sounds a little like the last generation, something that could have been done for PS2.
AsILayDying  +   2451d ago
crazyglues has a very valid point
godofthunder10  +   2451d ago
I agree that ps3 fans need to stop acting like sony created everything.They coppied home,rummble controllers,online gameplay,downloadable content and other things on top of that.I'm also tired of hearing ps3 fanboys cry and claim that sony creatd all their games.They also said that microsoft need to create their own but all they know how to do is steal exclusives from sony.The fact is that the Metal Gear solid series,ninja gaiden 2,Final fantasy series,and a lot of other ps exclusives was nintendo exclusives 1st.The fact is that when the ps 1st came out sony went after all the big name games from nintendo and they bought or made other deals to make them exclusive for the ps.The fact is that microsoft is doing to sony what sony did to nintendo when they 1st came out.This is how buisness work.They weren't the 1st companies to do things like this and they wont be the last.

The point i'm making is that ewvery one coppies off every 1 and everyone goes after each other.Ps3 fanboys need to act like sony creates every electronic in the world especialy the video games.Sony didn't create more then any other game company did.Ps3 fanboys need to go back and see what sony did to nintendo when they 1st came out and the exclusiv games they stole before they trash microsoft for doing the same thing.
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