Xbox Live hit with unexpected outage

Those having trouble connecting to Xbox Live are not alone as multiple sources are reporting that 360's online network is down.

Currently, the Xbox LIVE Status page has the Xbox Live and Billing services in the red.


Everything seems to finally be working as the Xbox Live service is back in the green.

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gaffyh3099d ago

Uh oh MS, prepare to give away a free game

cRaZyLeGs 933099d ago

Ok how can I get two disagrees? Its been back up for ages...

IdleLeeSiuLung3099d ago

lol, no clue. I guess some weren't happy it is back?

Also, this whole comment section is full of "deleted by mod", lol....

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Nelson M3099d ago

You Get What you Pay For !

Can you imagine a BoT when his Xbox RRoD's
He Say's "Oh that was Unexpected"
Yeah sure its unexpected just like Xbox live going Down
I Expect it all the time Because Xbox live is Pure Crap

The Warmonger3099d ago (Edited 3099d ago )

It only costs 0,0000000000264 $ per milisecond!

Hellsvacancy3099d ago

Its not like there untrustable company that produces shoddy hardware r they :-P

xaviertooth3099d ago

Xbox Live hit with ALWAYS EXPECTED outage!!

* there i fixed it. i mean with a company that produces sub-standard consoles, how can you not expect this kind of disservice?

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3099d ago

Thought it was called 'ChatBox LIVE!' ;-D

Bet they feel lonely??? SAD??? No one to Chat to??? ;-D

MriownBOTH3099d ago

yeah i didnt know blu-rays player would stop reading disc after only a year....

talltony3099d ago

EVery online service has problems! Yea like PSN was never down before. Come on guys grow up!

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-x.Red.x-3099d ago

but but bu...
XBL is flawless!!!

Deadman643099d ago

awww so cute how all of the sony fanboys are in here complaining about xbox live being down for....erm...minutes? an hour or two? I thought you had tons of amazing games to play? Or at least a life??


Coolrah3099d ago

You do get what you pay for......Lol that they still have the billing service up...But not the actual live....takin your money even when your not even able to use it...Yep only microsoft.

outlawlife3099d ago

you do realize that the billing and marketplace were the source of the issue?

the billing and accounts portion of live were down longer than anything else and live was up and running again before this story even hit n4g

i've been waiting for it because i couldn't wait for the comments....i got exactly what i was expecting

LiL T3099d ago

hopefully it its some kinda update to go along with E3.

3099d ago