PS3's VidZone - tons of new screens, "hope" for E3 announce

VG247: SCEE just released a ton of new VidZone images, saying it "hopes" to announce full details of the PS3 music video service at E3.

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whoelse3285d ago

Looking very impressive. It's come a long way from what we saw for the GC 2008 trailer.

mac4u103285d ago

Great to get the new vidzone app another reason to own my ps3 as everyone can use this feature all Sony needs to do now is improve the communication between friends on the using the xmb, make our home characters viewable on the xmb or gamercard and add skype to the ps3 but just make sure its only compatible with the ps3 eyetoy or the official ps3 headset please Sony make this happen.

Claudinho693285d ago

will this be available for anyone with a europe account?