Sony Announces PlayStation 3 Global Recall

TOKYO - April 1, 2007 - Sony Corp. announced today a global recall of the PlayStation 3 video game and entertainment system after accepting customers' complaints that the system could not perform all the features as advertised by the company.

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mephixto3912d ago

Some april fool joke are funny other are....stupid

Ru3912d ago

lol nice pic!
It does kinda look like the george forman grill

gta_cb3912d ago

yeh i know lol, but then it would be a well expensive one wouldnt it :P

swordmasterphoen3912d ago

This April Fools joke as spotted right the first moment I read the title. It's just useless, really.

Nik3912d ago

with it overheating. There are even red lights indication when it's done grilling.

AllroundGamer3912d ago

LOOOL :))) it should make a sound too - ping! ;)

Ludwig3912d ago

It's not because the lights are red that the problem is overheat .. the problem actualy is lead-free welding .. VULNERABLE to "normal" heat ..

Thx ECO guys .. first for forcing lead-free welding .. second for wanting to kill that baby panda.

gta_cb3912d ago

just wondering because mine hasnt done either of them things your talking about... and i use mine alot, and have had it since October last year!

Nik3912d ago

Normal heat kills X360? That's just sad. Now you've got a machine hot enough to kill itself, yet not hot enough to grill sausages.

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The story is too old to be commented.