Sign Up For The Agency Beta

A link to OPM_UKs twitter, giving information on an e-mail address that will hopefully give you an Agency Beta Code.

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Aggesan3406d ago

Nope, not yet. These things sometimes take a looong time before any codes are given out. In Resistance 2's case it took several weeks.

king dong33406d ago

with 2 different e-mail address's!! i would like to get in on this!

is this going to be pay-monthly? and does anyone have any ideas what the player counts per server are going to be???

looking good indeed! im very please to have added a ps3 to my console collection, 256 player MAG coming, and a confirmed MMO! i still dont know if APB and huxley are even coming to the 360

Tomdc3406d ago

YES! This thing should be AWE and then SOME!

you see what i did there? ;)

3406d ago
doctorstrange3406d ago

Yeah was a bit random, but your right Free Realms is a pretty decent game, I have an interview with them coming soon ;)

goflyakite3406d ago

So did you have to put anything in the email?

I just titled it 'The Agency BETA' and put my PSN ID.

heyheyhey3406d ago

i dunno.. i forgot to put in my PSN ID, i just put in that i would love to participate in either a PC or a PS3 beta..

peeps3406d ago

yeh i didn't bother with psn. This seems an odd way of doing things tho? i mean usually its a web site sign up or something. but just an email address with no info of what to include?

Just included past beta experience lol will wait and c. If it wasnt from the OPM_UK twitter i wouldn't have bothered though cus cudda been any email, could open up for spam or something

goflyakite3405d ago

The disagree phantom was here.

Everyone has 1 disagree lol.

MaximusPrime3406d ago

i signed up.

given my email addy, PSN ID, age, country.

and any previous beta games i took part in. (LBP beta and closed beta PS home)

finger crossed.

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The story is too old to be commented.