KH3: The Return of Sora? + Scans reports that the latest issue of Dengeki PS contained an interview with Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura which not only mentioned Kingdom Hearts 3, but how Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for PSP will relate to it. The article also lists the release date for new chapters of Kingdom Hearts Coded for mobile phones will begin distributing June 3 2009 in Japan.

They've also posted scans containing new images of Kingdom Hearts Coded and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for Nintendo DS.

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artgamer3407d ago

KH3 PS3 exclusive con-focking-firmed !

-MD-3407d ago

I'm not seeing where it says PS3 exclusive?

artgamer3407d ago

It says Kingdom Hearts 3 will tie in to the one coming for PSP, what home console do you think they will put it on, the 360 ?

duh ?

use your head man.

-MD-3407d ago

Square Enix makes Kingdom Hearts correct? And Square Enix has released all of it's games so far this gen on the 360 and not the PS3 correct? So the logical answer here would be the 360.

So you use YOUR brain.

Obama3407d ago

Gamesblow say it's ps3 exclusive, and he's been correct on many rumors so far.

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Legendary-Status3407d ago

Ayyyyyy THAT'S WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT KH3... Just Confirm it Now... Noruma...this is good news...

Legendary-Status3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

This is some Good New's I love the Kingdom Hearts Serie's KH3!!!! Sora Return's

Im so Glad Noruma is done with FF 13...

Tomdc3407d ago

YES! words cannot express how happy I feel right now!!!!!!!!!!!!


gamesblow3407d ago

Just another game I confirmed was in the works last year, yet everyone said I couldn't possibly know what I was talking about.


The game will be called Kingdom Hearts 3 "the palace of prominence" <-- as I said so long ago.

TOO PAWNED3407d ago

Can't believe it is for PS3, expected it on Wii....

Lucreto3407d ago

@ Gamesblow do you know the platform which it will be on?

edit @ 1.1 Since it seem to be related to the PSP game it might be PS3 game.

gamesblow3407d ago

"A" version and "OR" spin off is being made for PSP - Ps3 and the wii and DS. Kingdom Hearts 3, however, is exclusive to the PS3. Take that to the bank. Zach Braff reportedly has/is/will be signed on to do more voice over work with it as well.

mastiffchild3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

GB, are you holding solid knowledge that KH3 will be PS3 exclusive? If so is that cos of Bomura's PS leanings as , though it seems true enough, you'd think it's be one that MS would target really hard-I can see arguments (here obviously)at SE overthis if MS come calling.

There aren't many PS thid party exclusives left and I really didn't expect more from SE while they seem so close to MS if I'm honest-it could mean the end of Nomura at SE if his feelings are as strong as they're often made out and SE do end up wanting KH on the 360 , in the west at least.

SpoonyRedMage3407d ago

I don't think Nomura's as pro-Sony as people think he just doesn't like his development being interferred with and he said he wanted Versus to be PS3-exclusive so that he could make full use of the things only on the PS3(like six-axis). It's less about the actual platform and more about his vision for his games. As shown by his Nintendo developments, some of his best work is on the DS and he said he loves developing for it.

I doubt it'd get bad enough that Nomura would leave anyway.

I think it's great how Takai prefers the 360 and Nomura prefers the PS3 and yet people complain about Takai preferring the 360 even though Nomura is much better than Takai.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3407d ago

Thanks for stating the obvious, Captain obvious.

wquach3407d ago

Zach Braff? Umm don't you mean Haley Joel Osment? And stop spreading rumors that you have no confirming proof of...

danthegardner3407d ago

Zach Braff was chicken little in KH 2. So he could be in KH 3.

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Legendary-Status3407d ago

Im just Happy that it's being talked about more & more leading to a Confirm... but that name sound's like a good name for the Game...

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