Tales of Vesperia for Europe, finally specifically dated

Gamer Limit writes "A few weeks ago, the European Tales of Vesperia site was launched, saying a single line, "Coming June 2009?. Vague, but concise. Finally, the site updated with the exact date. "

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What the hell took so long? With the PS3 version looming over it, this is way too damn long. What did they do? Redub the voiceacting to make it more Euro centric? Or did they just sit on it to piss off thousands of gamers? Who knows.

Fullish3373d ago

maybe they had to translate it for each region?

UltimateIdiot9113372d ago

It matters not to me. I think the long release date actually help some European gamers out. After waiting this long, I'm sure some of them can hold out a little longer for the complete game.

SpoonyRedMage3372d ago

Wow, so waiting for Tales of Vesperia is fine, even though it's clear they were working on a PS3 version whilst the finished 360 version was just sitting there but when it's FFXIII and the other way around it's a big issue.

Double Standards amaze me...

UltimateIdiot9113372d ago

I think you misunderstood me. I never said hold back on the 360 release, I'm saying that the fact they waited so long, a little longer for the complete version on the PS3 wouldn't matter so much. So what I'm saying is why buy the 360 if you know the PS3 version with everything will come out.

Back when it was release in US and Japan, it was just rumor about being multiplatform, now it's confirmed.

The problem with FFXIII is that the PS3 version IS getting hold back because of the 360 version. And I'm pretty sure the 360 version isn't getting some special treatment.

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Alex_Mexico3373d ago

Well that took long enough. Only 10 months since its release in the US.

SaiyanFury3372d ago

Oh well, even on the small chance they don't release it in North America, at least I can import the European version painlessly and have it play on my PS3. Gotta love region-free gaming.

Redempteur3372d ago

euh ..sorry but'll have to wait for meore details on the PS3 version ...

this date is for the EUR 360 version ( they took their time i know )

SaiyanFury3372d ago

Oh OK, fair enough. But I'll still wait for the PS3 version. Playing RPGs with the 360's controller just doesn't feel right since most of my RPGaming has been with DualShocks for the last decade or so. :)

AcesAndEights3372d ago

Played the demo of this recently, really quite intrigued to get the full game going, loved the older games in the Tales of series.

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